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switch complete issue 1

By nebezial
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so...yeah.. here we are XD

i have really grown fond of  this approach to things. i like it when people can read my stuff and then decide whether or not they want to see more of it by supporting the books.

i don't do crowdfunding sites. period!

no kickstarters no patreons. my way is simple. i make comics, i you like the comics and want to read more of them you can support me by buying the comics. 

so... switch. i will be posting every issue here. if this is something you like and want to see continue, it's simple. either buy issues in comic stores, or buy digitally through sites like comixology, or in the end buy trades.

here is the switch comixology link…


hope you like the comic, more to come :)

issue 2
Switch Issue2 by nebezial

issue 3
switch issue 3 by nebezial
© 2016 - 2020 nebezial
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ReynoudNew Deviant

Oh boy this is GOLD!

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Most bad ass book ever man very well done 
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just added the first volume to my amazon wishlist and am so looking forward to it if its half as good as death vigil im in for a treat
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can i ask you why you chane the name "twitch" to "switch"?
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sebaselciclonHobbyist Digital Artist
Copyright reasons?
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Terra-universeHobbyist Traditional Artist
just found this and it is so amazing!
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IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist
Is there anywhere to buy these? I got issue one like, a year ago but there hasn't been anything since
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So life got busy and I lost track of everything on deviant art for almost three years now. But today I came looking for your page to see what you were up to. I seem to have missed something though- did Twitch turn into Switch?
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nibbobbinHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the first time in almost 2 decades a comic book story held my attention for over 30 seconds.
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Looks good so far
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SmoothlyDoesItFreelyHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah! This is crazy; i thought Witchblade was a goner, buying the hell out of this in giddy excitement! :D:D:D I know it's not technically the same, but sod it, this is awesome!
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Zala => Badass
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And, because I have a few well-documented "types", my eyes of course gravitated to the badass redhead and the brunette in the fedora at the lineup. So, this is my first exposure to the Witchblade universe since the less-than-perfect anime adaptation. Loving this so far!

EDIT~ The one evil-looking white woman looks an awful lot like Liliana Vess...
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Thanks for sharing the comic and a friend of mine recommended it.  I'll have to read it at a later time. but the artwork is amazing.
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What? A Witchblade comic without ridiculous cheesecake? What IS this?

... I must have it.
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Should I read Witchblade before I read this, or can I read them independently?
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FRivArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
It's an alternate universe, so you don't need to read Witchblade, but nobody'll stop you from doing so!
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Dang it, I'm going to have to throw more of my money at you.
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Aaaagh. Another reason for me to get that online payment thing rolling. Curses for living in a country where the dominant currency needs an exchange rate. T_T
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HJeojeoProfessional Digital Artist
seeing you post some snippets of switch art already made me intrested
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BBMacTomaHobbyist Digital Artist
I have an entire box of your comics. XD As soon as I have a decent bookshelf to display them all, it's on like Kong!
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As much as I'm enjoying Switch... I really want more Death Vigil... Please?
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artReallHobbyist General Artist
just to say I've read first chapter today and totally buying it!^^ luv your main character!^^:)) now to grab on next one!^:))

btw you should enable sale from deviantart?:) or add paypal button here!:)) I would totally support you on patreon for this!:))
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the moment I saw the Darkness, me owning darkness 1 & 2, I nerdgasmed pretty badly.
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