nebezial's avatar redraw her on every panel XD

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needed to kill some time while burning backups to this was the result... the overlyornately armored wonderwoman....also known as..worst design to be redrawn over and over and over again XD
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Xena and Wonder Woman work well together.
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Xena, is that you...? <3
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That's the BEST armor for Wonder Woman I have ever seen! :D
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Wow this is fantastic!
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You use CD's as a form of backup????
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It's like a cross between xena and wonderwoman. The product- badass wonderwoman
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That's what Wonder Woman looked like in Injustice: Gods Among Us
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Oooohh! I haven't played that game but I've been wanting to. It looks cool.
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I love it. It is just a really pretty, superhero version of Mortal Kombat. :P
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Thanks for the info. I love Mortal Kombat so I should really look into getting Injustice: Gods Among Us.=P (Razz) 
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Have you ever made your own DC oc?
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yay! Modest AND totally awesome! I love it when that happens!
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I love her expression here.  Great work!
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Great for a 3d model, though.
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Someone brought this to my attention via SHH forum and I just thought I was Awesome! I had to find it and add it to my favs. Cheers! btw your other stuff is hilarious stuff too. My kind of humor. 
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Yeah, but it's badass.
Sometimes the regulation Superwear doesn't cut it.
Sometimes the answer to look like the offspring of an armadillo and a platinum mine.
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Yo seriously this wonder woman should have been the one in Injustice Gods Among Us. MAN SHE LOOKS SO BAD ASS!!!. Just like..."Bring it on"
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Where did you learn to draw. o_o
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You're amazing. Believe me, you are. OMG! I can't contain my excitement!  
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Sir you do one of the most fantastic renditions of Warrior woman/Wonder Woman I've ever seen and look forward to the day when you might draw the amazing amazon for more than just a single art-piece.
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Reminded me of Xena, the warrior princess, lol :D
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