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summary of my favorite anime

one of my all time favorite animes, but yeah, it does go a wee bit peeking at the script at times XD

no really, Near, just point at the killer! totally detectivework! 

(btw this near line refers to near being the biggest magical thinking script reading cheater of them all... the way he finds mikami... BUUUULLLSHIT!)
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This *does* sum it all, yeah ! LOL

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This is so accurate!
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Bwahahahaha, nice one. :lol: And accurate to a small degree.
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same ryuk....same
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Oh these buttheads.
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Amazing :) <3 loved it
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I like Ryuk's expression XD
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This is too true
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This completely sums up the entire series.
I like the movie version.
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And ryuk is like "YOU BOTH KNOW STUFF...GREAT WONDERFUL CAN WE JUST F***** MOVE THIS SH** ALONG????? The damn conversation is so damn pointless"
I agree with you on this 100%
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I know I'm late to the party but... Is that any worse then Light's absurd plan to come in contact with the Death Note again? It seems absurd to assume you will in fact be trusted to be on the investigative team, assume you will be able to find the new holder of the death note (The new guy could always get freaked out and choose not to use it) and that you would be trusted to hold it. So many things had to go perfectly and there did not appear to be any back-up plan
Looks like ryuk would either type in random names on ai enma's death website, observe the bleach shishigami destroy lots of powerful ghosts or yami yugi destroying the minds of really bad people
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Actually Near finding out about Mikami is lot more detailed in the manga. The anime glosses over a lot of character's thought processes.
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Literally all Deathnote is is the brunet guy killing people and the black-haired guy suspecting him and the two of them trying to outsmart each other.
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Great job my friend! This is quite true! -^^-
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Not being familiar with the anime here, I wondered if that is a cross between Solomon Grundy and the Grinch. Sort of a Goth Grinch.
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