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suicide squad

By nebezial
next wednesday...and back to work.
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I’d like to see Waller try to square up on Joker like she cursed out Batman. Hey even we black women know our limits. I wouldn’t dare mouth off to the Joker.

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Annnnddd....Waller is going to explain Harley killing a guard while she just stood back and drank a beer how?
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Just another Monday
They should've had a scene similar to this in Suicide would have capitalized on her abilities and why she's a valuable asset to Amanda Waller (despite being a bargaining chip for The Joker)
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The artwork is dynamic and beautiful, you once again proved you expertise! :clap: love:

But this is exactly the behaviour In don't like from Amanda... It IS her job to keep people safe. Now look what a *fine* job she's doing...

You captured this so very well! Awesome work, pleaser never stop drawing! :)
Waller kills anyone at the drop of a hat without remorse or pity.  All in her view of 'national security'.  Perhaps the clearest scene of this was in the Suicide Squad movie where she murders in cold-blood the poor technicians who were helping her through the entire film just because they didn't have a high enough security clearance.  As Deadshot said "That woman is just -nasty-."

And he's right.  She's as much of a monster as Luthor or the Joker but unlike them, she believes she is acting in the best interest of the U.S. government so she's not entirely selfish.  But never expect her to lift a pinky to save a life.  Ever.

That's why she was so interested in that 'Get out of Hell' card in the Hell to Pay Suicide Squad movie.  She knows exactly where she's going in the afterlife....
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Not even panels can contain Harley.
Love your art man.
This page is AMAZING!!!
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I just love the lines and colours. I want this on my walls all around my house <3
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Are these featured in official DC comic books? Because this is professional shit, right here.
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Some of the best page layout I've seen in a few years. You really convey the scene cutting between extreme violence and banal observation. And, of course, your expressions and poses are stunning. 
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Amanda Waller just standing there drinking.
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Haha listening to music and as soon as I clicked on this "Sucker For Pain" started playing 😂 love your work!
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Damn! This page is soooo good! And you nail the faces every time!
My artwork suffers from not always the best facial expressions. So I try to focus on that at the moment.
Do you have any tips or suggestions how to improve this aspect? I mean besides studding with a mirror? :)
Maybe some helpful literature?
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Absolutely beautiful in the craziest way possible. :)
MtkMichele's avatar the most amazing way :D
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Wow!!! Harleys feet look so sexy, i love it!! Your drawings are AMAZING!
didnt generally take waller for a "stand and watch while her poeple get killed" kinda woman
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Oh shit you did an issue? I might break my rule of only buying Comics with a single consistant writer throughout their run just to check out your art.
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Excellent Comic Strip!!
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