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stuff from a backup harddrive

some unfinished doodles i did back when i last rewatched young justice

i figured since my arm issues resulted in this account's silly activities to subside i might dig into my reserves XD
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Oliver Queen is shit
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Oliver Queen sucks
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Nice work. Too bad we don't see more of the original Captain Marvel. 
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Ahh don't talk about young Justice, you'll just make me sad. I can pretend it didn't end the way it did in my mind, as long as I don't think about it.
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Ollie! and Dinah!! <3
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I'm more than willing to wait until your arm heals up and you're feeling more like yourself - as I imagine are most of us who love your work.
But I'll never say no to some repeats and blasts from the past! Clap 
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I just want to express my admiration for the way you draw Wonder Woman.
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I've said the same thing before and I concur - there's just something about the way you draw her that feels like it should be the definitive physique. Period.
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You do perfect art. The style is the best.
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Oh my god! OMG 




perfect <3
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Injustice anyone ?
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So apparently Dwayne Johnson is going to be in the Shazam movie... AS BLACK ADAM. -_-  Come on, DC!  You hire Dwayne Freakin' Johnson, but you don't cast him as the little kid in a man's body??  That's THE role that The Rock was born to play!!  COME ON!!!

Okay, rant over.  Great work, as usual. :)
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Wait, is it really you?
On a side note, I'm kinda relieved he isn't SHAZAM, he's too famous, he would hog to much screen time when the main focus should be on Billy Batson.
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One of the main reasons I enjoy DC and it's not even their original idea! Something in the lines of a "fair" Superman.
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Awesome job! What stylus do you use?
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That's the look for Oliver Queen!! YAAASSS!!
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I feel your pain, man - I messed up my right shoulder sword fighting, and I couldn't even hold a stylus properly for like 4 months, it was awful.

Hope things are healing well!  Huge fan of your work. 
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Lookin' kickass!
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