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some random poison ivy and whatnot

just a buinch of brainstorming and concepts nothing final and nothing finished. for now just fun.
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Splendid... so much potential in a few drawings is truly genius !

Hergman's avatar

did monster poison ivy ever appear in actual comics?

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

You gonna do a graphic novel for Pam like you did for Harleen?

Ivy deserves her turn as Avatar!

chaos-in-compounded's avatar

Sure, first you tease me with furrystone that includes fox mating sounds. Now, you tease me with this!!!! WHATEVER!

Nightshade475's avatar

Really dig the concept of Bramble...hope she gets a shot at the Big Leagues!

pa5cal's avatar

>! Awesome !<

paula-ranor's avatar

I wish I could afford you. There's a Titans picture I would love to have as a poster on my wall.

UltraNovaDragon's avatar

Poison Ivy & Swamp Thing ?!? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Faint

boom17's avatar

holy hells... This... well this is quite the idea.. and you deliver it beautifully.. :O

I lack proper words but the ideas of this.. Martian and Kryptonian natural toxins used through the power of the Green to bring the mightiest heroes to their knees and into their graves.. And Pamea Isley being the Avatar of Green to begin with.. wow..

you blew my mind with this

And the Thornqueen there? An old Avatar that became corrupted with the power of it all or who coule she be?.. :O

TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar

Who's the thorn lady?

Is this part of an official series or something I can read?

I like the idea of Swamp thing interacting with Ivy, its been done once in the Injustice comics briefly.

DarkTentacles's avatar

I am a huge fan of Poison Ivy and you are definitely my favourite illustrator for her. I really like the exploration of her dark side in the final panel. If the rumours about her getting a solo movie are true I really hope they don't screw up.

markiim's avatar

I read somewhere that Harley Quinn Red was your last chapter of Harleen on DC. Please tell me thats wrong AND that someday we'll get ISLEY, SELINA and SYRENS :'(

Belephron's avatar

Man I gotta tell ya, I have been a huge fan of your work for years, Sunstone is amazing and when I saw Harleen, I bought it right away. It's one of the best comics I've read, and if it would help give Ivy the same treatment, I'd buy 10 more copies.

skonenblades's avatar

Oh my gosh that last panel. SO COOL. Those concepts!! I love that new Thorn Medusa or whoever she is you're coming up with. She's fantastic.

Zeonista's avatar
D.C. can't write a story good enough to go with this art. 
frozenwhitenorth's avatar

I'm gonna say it. This makes me wish for more harleen and a spinoff into the gotham sirens.

browncoat4life's avatar

Dude! That is gorgeous!

Don't care what anyone says (you included) but you are a great idea man on top of being an artist! Maybe you need a writer to help you flesh some of it out a bit and finesse it narratively, but your imagination is on point!

It goes the other way, too, working with another artist so he can focus on writing and creating. Adam Warren and M Night Shyamalan have done similar partnerships. Like most, it was his art that drew me in, the Witchblade armors especially, but Vigil is like reliving my old Headbanger's Ball days and I regularly recommend Sunstone to people who have no interest in BDSM or comics.

ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
If this is just for brainstorming + fun, I can never be prepared for works you've made when you're giving it your all.

Following your outstanding work with Harleen, I hope you'll forgive me for keeping my fingers firmly crossed that Ivy gets her own series like that. Philip Fry (Just take my money) [V2] 
ivanprime93's avatar
Man this is wonderful & I really like Ivy and Swamp thing together.
Kaffey-at-Tartarus's avatar
Very much fun.  I love the way you draw Ivy.  Absolutely stunning. (That Lady Death cover is pretty spectacular too.)  The 'Bramble' concept is amazing - a little devil to sit on Ivy's other shoulder and tempt her away from a more noble course - the 'dark side' of the Green - reaching out to her when she is vulnerable or broken.  Swamp Thing as a mentor and Harley as a more emotional temptation than the power Bramble offers, or the leverage with which Branble can draw Ivy to her cause.  Your art has attracted me to these characters that I previously knew very little about.  Throw Power Girl in there somewhere, and I'm yours for life.  I'd love to see what you could do with a Sirens and PG scenario.  That would be mind-blowing.  (And don't even get me started on Switch.  SO much awesome!)
spikedpsycho's avatar
This gives me wood....
ranwolf1976's avatar
I'm digging the "Antler Ivy" one.
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