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some quick ff7 fanart from a stream

By nebezial
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Congrats for the Daily Deviation!! You would get some more often if it was up to me xD

Edit: DD or feature on Instagram.
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beautiful work!!

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Not that blonde idiot!
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ooh... a new wallpaper for my pc
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Man the only Final Fantasy 7 exposure I've had is through the Kingdom hearts games and the Abridged series on YouTube. But the remake looks so good that I'm thinking I'll buy it when it comes out. As for the art I love your style as usual, especially how it looks like watercolor at the edges but becomes more focused the closer to the center where Cloud and Tifa are back to back becomes.
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Can't go wrong there :iconavatarconner:, I was introduced to FF7 through the first Kingdom Hearts, and since then my love of both feed into each other. How they've managed to put just enough of it into KH has been nothing short of superb. The Abridged series is a great addition but with far more comedic twists thanks to TFS' wonderful add-ons.

I'd recommend playing the original if you get a chance, but if you want to wait until the Remake ships, that's cool too. But from what's been shown, they've already been changing and altering bits and pieces of the original, while still managing to maintain the plot, core of the characters and so forth. But either way, you can't go wrong, original or remake. Both are awesome.

Also, if you haven't read the plot or been spoiled already by the events of the game, be on your guard.

PS -  Love your avatar, long time Spidey fan.
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Thanks! Unfortunately I’ve known the fate of certain characters for years now either though word of mouth or just from how well known FF7’s plot is. I might wait to play the remake since it looks so good.

As for changed stiff, I’ve seen some of the early game and I can imagine that what they change is stuff they kind of have to fit it to be acceptable. For example Hojo’s experimentation with Areth and Red XIII (I mean seriously it’s pretty effed up).

And thanks! Spidey’s my GOAT in terms of superheroes.
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Aw, sorry to hear that Avatar! I remember my first time going through it, which was a little over 20 years ago, and surprisingly none of that had been spoiled beforehand. But! I'm hoping Square Enix does something different in order to find a surprising way to show those particular plot twists. But yeah, either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself!

Times change! As must something like this, I'm noticing the differences already due to the scenes they've hinted at between Cloud & Sephiroth. Stuff like Hojo's experimentation though, I mean, yes it COULD be changed or removed, but there's still the possibility it may be kept. Only time will tell!

He's one of a kind, that's for damn sure. No matter who else puts on the mask or manifests similar powers.
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I’ve thought of getting FF8 as my first final fantasy game (I’ve played every KH game and playing as Leon is oddly interesting to me) since it just went on PlayStation 4 for like twenty bucks.
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YlianoraProfessional Digital Artist
Love it! Heart 
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multificionadoHobbyist General Artist
Dang, that's amazing. :)

I'm so looking forward to the Remake; the graphics of the old one are horrible.
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gingigamerStudent Filmographer
Of course they were horrible. The game came out in 1997!
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jactinglimProfessional General Artist
Aww and I barely started this game
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RavenHeart1984Professional Traditional Artist
I ship it like FedEx 
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Nice work. 
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MirrorKhaosHobbyist General Artist
Nicely done.
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ThePsych0nautProfessional Digital Artist
Whenever I turn off the line layer on anything I do, and just see blobs of color, I just want to cry. 
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Wow, that's just gorgeous
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer

Looking good from where I see.

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FallenAngelGMHobbyist Writer
Very fantastic!
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LAN0RA Digital Artist
HAH cool :D
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ClassicalSalamanderHobbyist Digital Artist
It's got a lovely sketchy vibe, and they're just so cute in their trauma and dysfunction!
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Amazing work
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