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some harleen 2 work in progress stuff

By nebezial
unfinished stuff but i always liked seeing this from other artists so, eh i figure a few of  you here would like this :)
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LOVED the entire series.
The story, the art, ... everything.
Fantastic job
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that sizzle effect on Harvey, makes my skin crawl a bit, thats how you know you did a good job!

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Now that I read the first issue, seeing Harvey, it makes a little more sense here. Not to mention it's very interesting seeing that not only Harvey is going to pick up a split personality, but those personalities are of two minds; it's almost like a second brain formed under the burns on the one half of Harvey's face.
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I barely read DC comics, but dang it, there is a comics shot that getting my business when this comes out.
awglasgo's avatar
I absolutely adore your work. I would love to ink it
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What wonderful variety.  Gets me all vibrating with excitement over your art and comics
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why is harley wearing a red riding hood costume/clothes
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Because it symbolized how she is gonna metaphorically eaten by the Joker's madness which is represented by a muzzled wolf.
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Have you ever drawn Victor Zsasz by chance? I think you'd really knock him outta the park
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he is in issue 1
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Where can I read that? Is there a place where I can purchase it?
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comic stores, and that's it to my knowledge. trades will me more widely available at some point,i'm guessing
amarysue's avatar
Yeah I see the trade available for pre-order on the Barnes & Noble website, but that's not coming out until next year. I'll ask my local comic shop if they will have your comic there, or if they can special order it for me.  :)  Thank you!
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Ohh.......well hello~ there Joker... <3
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
Simply Superb Artwork!!! superb superb superb superb superb superb superb superb superb Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
yansusi's avatar
Oh my god I love so much your art, the faces's expressions are sooo great <3
This makes me want to read all this comic !! <3
QueenJag's avatar
I don't know what the heck is going on but holy crap, I love it!
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ok just with that spark of magnificent work, we can spéculate the following: "Mr Jay" is analysed by Harleen and so we have many flashbacks from when he was a sort of conselor of Harvey Dent, where he have made him go mad , and madder and when there have been the "accident" Harvey lost it, as seen in the last panel where he seems "in crusade", he does a big speech to make clear that he is in charge. just before we can conclude that Joker saw similarities within Harleen with the little red riding hood, so he will be "the Beast that take you in the Bush". and Harleen is making a dangerous bet: she will listen to his questions first, and try to question him after...

original work for the accident of harvey with the nanothingies who seems to devour him.

and as always : GREAT WORK MAN !!!
MantraFan's avatar
They might not be nanothingies. In the original comics Dent had acid thrown over him (as shown in The Long Halloween); it's only in the Nolan films where he is set alight. If it is acid, that also explains the chemical bubbling going on his wrist and forehead.  
Red-Rum-18's avatar
Here, it looks like Dr. Jonathan Crane (the future Scarecrow) was treating Harvey for his PTSD following his disfigurement, but is goading him into doing terrible things with it.
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greatly anticipate for your next piece of work
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Absolutely gorgeous work, man! :star:
Looking forward to Death Vigil vol2 as well. Still love my first volume. Thumbs Up SPN 
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