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so... remember that old harley quinn stuff?

By nebezial
turns out i'm making it into a book for dc. harleen will be published as a black label oversized book. 3 60 page issues per story arc

starting this september.


didn't see this one coming XD
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Where is some of that old Harley stuff? Particularly, the long comic strip with her and Ivy?

Some of your artwork has been removed from here. I realized that when I couldn't find some pictures that used to make awesome desktop backgrounds.

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That grin of hers....(shiver)
Reminds me of a female version of Aphex Twin....
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The actual book cover was even spookier.

The dust jacket was clear, except for the Harley Quinn costume. If you removed it, the art it covered was different: a shocked Dr. Quinzell, holding folded glasses before her blood-spattered face.

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A Chernabog Batman. Sweet.

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This is fantastic! Congrats! All of us that have been following you here just knew the big publishers would hire you and you would have a tremendous career.

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I saw the hardcover today in a comic shop and could not resist picking it up. Heart 
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Does it sell at comic book stores?? I'll have to check it out!

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Bought the hardcover. It's a real piece of artwork. Love it!!!! 😀😀

This is my new favorite art piece. Great concept and fantastic implementation or execution.. not sure what you artsy-types call it. I expected a sadistic storyline and got the opposite. It made me tear up a bit. [Defensively] What? Are you saying a man can't cry? I'm detoxing and in a weakened state! Seriously though- its been 3 years since a woman tried to "save me" such that I find the memory intoxicating. Anyway- just viewing this was a great birthday present to me; thank you!

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Read the first issue. Very disappointing to see that Harley is getting the same feminist "I am a strong independent woman who doesn't need no white male scum" character change. Seems like no female character is still a traditional woman or simply not a raging feminist these days.

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What kind of woman would ever like some disgusting person like you. No woman needs some incel asswipe like you around.

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you sound like a sad person. a woman who will never have kids and die alone and unhappy.

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Holly shit! I haven't been on the site forever and I pop on and find that not only is this happening but the first issue is already out! Pre-ordered the hardback on Amazon. Sadly that means I can't read it until February but it'll be awesome having the collected novel in hardback.

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love harley quien
i put spoiler paginas..
comics.. my comic paginas
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Saw that my comic book store had the first copy as someone was buying it. Recognized the cover art right away and asked for a copy right away. Plan on buying the others as well because this is such a nice story and art to go with it! owo/
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You do amazing artwork, some of my absolute favorite DC stuff, so I can only applaud them for turning it into a book. I'm really proud of you for making this happen! 
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"Ugh, a woman, disgusting..."

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You deserve it tho, this art is SERIOUS GOALS
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where will I be able to read/buy this? ;o;
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That is fucking AWESOME!!!

Congrats, man!
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Congrats! I'm definitely picking up a copy!
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Awesome! I can't wait to read it!

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