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so i discovered i really like mera

a red haired ultrapowered waterbender in an intricately scaled outfit? who knew i could ever like drawing that XD

first one was inspired when i saw on twitter port a gorgeous prifile piece of her.

theeen i realized i hated just how pointless and static the first one was to me, so i had to do a version i would like XD

because i'm an idiot like that.
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I've always found Mera one of the better DC heroines of-a-ort, since she's a trained assassin whose first mission was to kill Arthur. Guess she changed her mind... Also, perfect illustration of her manipulating water around her as a Hydrokinetic.

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Damn, I'm jealous of Arthur.
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The fact you call her a water bender is awesome since I presume you know about Avatar because of it. If not then my mistake.
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I like blue and green tones
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Only now? I thought, with all those redheads you draw, she would be your prime DC character^^
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She's definitely a strong character.
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Love Mera and i really like your style and your character design. Thumbs up!
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Than maybe you would like Inarime too. Would be great if you could do a collaboration.…
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Super Hot Red Head, Queen of Atlantis, royalty, a warrior woman and is into water sports, also has a palace, why not!?
Only downside she is married to a demigod
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I like her too... AMAZING AND HOT WOMAN..

Aquaman is lucky.
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Super hot Red Head what is not to like! :D
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yeah in most media you never really get much in terms of Mera being as badass as she could be
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Such as maybe two minutes in the JL theatrical cut >_<
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Awesome work! :D
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Let me know if you do take comissions. I have a character with similar abilities that needs your abilities ;)
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Still excited for Amber Heard
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Awesome painting effect for the water! 
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I get the feeling bro
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Your observations of light are so dead on. Amazing!
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My god, this is sooo very beautiful! :love: :heart: I genuinely like the first Version very much. But after you drew the second Version and pointed out the static look... You're right, the second one *does* look better, with the dynamic pose and all that. I would still put both pics on my wall, though. :-)
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Yeah, she revealed herself to be a serious badass during Blackest Night. Good for her. 
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I love this <3 AND ALL YOUR DRAWINGS! 
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