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shera and swiftwind...and i cant believe i drew it

By nebezial
a rainbow themed...pegasus ... unicorn....

my god , i felt my testicles shrivel by even thinking of the concept.... buut then they came back...

juuust thought i'd overshare
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one of my best two thousand Masters of the universe art . The story keep going on . Thanks for our eyes . Very nice 👍👍👍

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That is seriously cool.
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this is honestly one of the best she ra fan art I have seen it is so beautiful, great work!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice work. 
Would you happen to sell any signed prints of this!? :D
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Love She-Ra, great rendition!
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 And then that bolt of 80's-tastic lightning struck Kevin Feige; and after making love with a griffin he green lit 'Thor 3'. 
I came by concerned if this was stolen art. I would love to have the cup but not if it's stolen…
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TuxedoElf's avatar… is this a legit sale? Because I don't want to buy if they're ripping off your art.
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looks awesome.  can you do one with she-ra riding battlecat?
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The most fabulous and badass alicorn and her master. Fantabulous.
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Your lighting effect is incredible. :D
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Swift Wind is huge!
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Our Host need not apologize.
Adora had the better transformation sequence (and the cooler mount) and everyone knows it.…
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if there was a way of making a princess's rainbow unicorn look ultra masculine and extremely cool, without disappointing any little girl in the process- by George I do believe you have done both here.  I love it!  Swiftwind was always a favorite of mine.  
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This is amazing.  Great work well done.  You nailed it.
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