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she-ra...iiis not on a roll here

aah my 80s inner nerd is havin his fun XD
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you change the name of the art ?

This is the She-Ra we need, not the She-Ra from Netflix.
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E ovo se zove opušten pristup životu. Samo mirno, bez uzrujavanja, namlatiš negativce, i nastaviš svojim putem.
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This looks great. Except Adora an She-Ra had lips that did not go near the center eye. level vertically. She had a small mouth. Still. Great work.
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yay its kicking ass time :D 
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Love the smart ass look on her face.
New recruits (snicker).
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This is awesome.  They so need to totally bring her back.  She was way more badass then He-man.
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I'd love to see you do a She-Ra limited series or graphic novel. Or anything.
i did a reverse image search just to find out who did this amazing art.  Well done!  I absolutely love it!
Give into your nerd... you can not deny the nerd.
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Poor noobies:D (Big Grin) 
The smirk is perfect.
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Spectacular, yo!
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where's her big kitty?  Love the outfit.
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I do believe your thinking of Cringer He-mans battle cat, She-ra has the Pegasus swift wind. and I agree the outfit is awesome.
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Oh yeah. LOL oops.
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no problem lol, sorry about my inner 80s cartoon nerd, he had to come out to say a few things. grew up in the 90s but I love all things 80s cartoons related.
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Ahh I love her costume here ^^
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amazing pic. love the costume design... had a small chuckle at the speak bubbles too lol. great job
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