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sort of a sequels to my previous heman pic, this time it was fun times with the horde... from the design point of view hordak was allways awesome, mntenna however... was a pleasant challenge.. guy with 4 legs and popping eyes not really the menacing character, and then it hit me...mantis so i modified his body a notch to a more insectlike shape . leech also was fun to make i went with a lil modified shape on his mouth but tried to keep faithful to the original. shera got a lil extra armor simply cause in my eyes she was allways a valkyrie
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Is there anyway to get a Hi rez version like you did for the he-man one. I made a large canvas of it and want the She-ra one to go with it! These are soooo gooood!!!

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Do you know she is a valkyrie?

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An awesome and beautiful pic :D

Love to get this as a poster

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Incredible absolutely amazing 😍

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I REALLY wish your vision of She-Ra would've been given an opportunity to exist outside of these images you have honored us with...!  This version of her outfit especially, but your interpretations of the Horde (including the explanation behind Hordak's powers) and the interactions between the characters, as well as your adherence but exponentially expansion of  the characterization and the established mythos with outstanding skill.  I would GLADLY support any She-Ra/ He-Man project you worked on.  This image is so cinematic it would be an amazing Graphic Novel or concept art for a feature length film...either way, count me in! :love::clap::worship:
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So beautiful...

Is it okay if I use this as my desktop?
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Great work, I love it
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Awesome work, especially love Mantenna! But where's Grizzlor?
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This is amazing. 
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This is the most awesome and most well done Shera Fan Art I've ever seen! Fantastic job!
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I would watch this cartoon/movie/whatever in a heart beat!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!
She-Ra's balls are over 9000!!
Looks like she wants to take Hordak down for good!
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wow great style :)
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All of them are so bad ass in this! 
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Ohhh. Such awesome Hordak!
Could watch her and He-Man guilt free had this been the actual animation.
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I think that if this cartoon ever gets a remake, you will be needed for it.:D (Big Grin) 
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I think She-Ra will need back up.
Please oh please, Master of the Artverse, gift us with some tutorials of your mad skills.
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Wow! great job it looks amazing!
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