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red sonja-now with sexual innuendo!

cuz sexual innuendo makes everything better...or something XD
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Awesome, Lovely, and Superb Artwork!!! Awesome Love Letter Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] superb :headbang: :popcorn: :squee: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1b

Love it! I get the feeling Sonja refused the Kings offer of his bed and he sent the snake after her-only she wasn't having that, either?

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Jesus christ that look on her face.
We cant see it, but everyone else in that room is also dead, and she is talking to the Corpse of the King.
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Well-crafted and well-punned.

Keep up the good work, sir.
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Amazing  !!!!!!!!!
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Goodnight Everybody!
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That looks great
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Another of my favourite and influential female characters.  Again, your style is perfect in depicting these great heroines. Love 
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Have you done other illustrations of Sonja?
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He did several, check through his gallery, not just Sonja, also lots of other great looking women.

Men too, but i´m a straight guy, i only look at those pics for the jokes.

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Cant decide what to say... To many brilliant things to say about it.
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:blowkiss: REVAMP G'night everybody!
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How do you do all that scaaaaaales?!?!? 0.0
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nooo! da poor giant monster snake
I guess he must have a reptile dysfunction. :D
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