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red sonja

By nebezial
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this is a cover art for dynamite entertain ments red sonja annual...God i love painting her!!!!
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A perfect dream!
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I like all your artworks
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I love the cape; it's very Norse/Game of Thrones royalty. I'd love to see her in male armor with that cape even if it's not geared toward the teenage hetero/male or homo/females of the audience
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This is gorgeous. You do a fantastic job with your Red Sonjas :)
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Think she has now deleted it.
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Thought you should know a new Deviant CrazyCreativeCarol swiped your piece and claimed its her own work


Just thought you should know.
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Awesome!!! i can't stop watching!
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No man can have her, unless he can beat her in fair combat with a sword.
So, euhm... how good are YOU with a sword?
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fantastic work with light
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You, Cho, and Rubi probably do my favorite Sonjas
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When the dragon demanded a maiden be brought, I doubt it reckoned on this!
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Nice and powerful without being uber sexual. Good job
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Athletic, but still feminine.
The pose in not exaggerated, making a real fighter.
Breasts are well-endowed but not ridicolous.
The head is small, but i think is "a poetic license" and contributes to a major "statuarity".
Marble skin and burning hair (thousand tones !!! but of real hair not wigs), give supernatural aura, and this is coherent with all recent Dark Horse productions.
In my opinion, You are drawing the best concept of all contemporary Red Sonja.
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Cool! love the color, light and all the details ^^ (specially the hair)
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I love Red Sonja. She's so beast.
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Boobs, skimpy clothing, sword.

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Greatl work pal, her face is incredibly is to Beautiful, to sexy, congrats! I just loved this work
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