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red ranger high res and free....enjoy :)

okay so i made a decision today....i have many at this point viral fanarts. i never made them into prints as they are not my characters to do so. they were just fanarts done from one fan to another.

so, here is my decision, over the course of this week i will upload and make all of them available in high res. from there on you can have them printed yourselves at print shops or whatever.

yes. i know they will get stolen... but again, can you really steal what is given away?
there will be those who will make them into prints to make money. to that i say, if it is well printed, and if the quality is there with a reasonable price, then to hell with it, i don't mind :)

s o...yknow, hope you like them, hope they look good on your walls :), now i just gotta dig them out from my backup drives XD
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Just wanted to share my latest cosplay sword, I've wanted to make it since I found your original art piece years ago. And now I've finally made it! Thanks for the inspiration!