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ravine- that is not a wyvern!
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Published: August 22, 2013
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it is too big for starters... almost twice the size of your regular's jaw is split .... and the damn thing has six eyes!!!!!

then again, 2 legs and 2 wings equals a wyvern.....

okay so itis a weird wyvern


ravine book 1 is out, book 2 out next month..back to work or me, huzzah!
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I like its posture, but not It has six eyes :B
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CyanScarfHobbyist Digital Artist
If it has no outer lips then how does it keep its mouth moisturized?
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iamriotepHobbyist Traditional Artist
maybe it just drools a lot. 
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CyanScarfHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man I posted that such a long time ago.
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Weirdness aside...It is a Wyvern by definition. Great Work! ;)
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Historically "wyvern" is just another name for dragon, but the D&D folks decided to make it a different creature.
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MaironnHobbyist Digital Artist
weirdvern omg
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At first I thought it was a video that I know it's a book, I'm gonna look for it.
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rouzatoHobbyist Digital Artist
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alienator65Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Royal Wyvern would be a good name.
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mast3rlinkx1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Royal Wyvern, you say?…
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JosiSaefkowHobbyist Traditional Artist
its fantastic! i love your work.
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mast3rlinkx1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually in traditional medieval folklore dragons were generally four-limbed like this. Something I didn't even know until recently. Wyverns were differentiated by being smaller, with a barbed tail, venomous bite, and inability to breathe fire. Dragons were much larger (far bigger than the guy in this picture), generally had an arrowhead-tipped tail, and breathed fire. Six-limbed dragons actually weren't standard dragon fare until Tolkien created Smaug in the 40's.

This picture is a wyvern by the traditional definition in appearance. Number of eyes and shape of the jaw weren't specified. Just trying to help you learn something new.
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And these days, wyverns are often referred to as being among the most colossal breeds of dragons. Weird how things change :)
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Species: Wyvernus wyvernus

Dragons are Native to Europe and the Middle East.
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zeepaardenHobbyist General Artist
It is a wyvern, just one of the many sorts of wyverns.
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Now that is a dragon er wyvern er whatever anyway it's Fantastic!
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wolk19Professional Digital Artist
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neosapian6Student Artist
... manticore of sorts? ._.
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JasminetheFOX101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Completely agree.
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KurvosVickyHobbyist Digital Artist
Where is this dragon from?
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SayaKurosakiHobbyist General Artist
Whatever it is, i think it is absolutely awesome! I can just imagen this creature hunting and taking down gigantic prey animals. :D
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CascadorHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think one can make actual rules for all fantasy series for what a dragon or a wyvern is. For example the dragons in Game of Thrones have two legs and two wings, but they're still known as dragons. Same with Skyrim and Reign of Fire for example. Even Smaug in the second and third Hobbit films has only two legs. While in the Dragon Age series wyverns have four legs as they are featured in an expansion of the second game and will be in Dragon Age Inquisition. 
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