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ravine spread

By nebezial
spread from issue 1 descibing the wanderers

In these days when faith in power of the one under the mountain has grown, many forget the path of aertes, she who does not impose her will, instead she recognizes her champions. and places in their hands the reigns of fate.
Wanderers are bearers of the grimlas, paragons of destiny.
They are neither good nor evil, but a force that diverts the destinies of nations, untamed like the nature, they are by old law unbound to laws of kingdoms, as they live by a greater purpose
Some call them the price we pay for the privilege of using the weapons of the old world, and those who would control these paragons of destiny would brand them as a threat. Great heroes, and great villains, they are few in numbers, but their actions have shaped our world since times of the great exodus.
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This piece is superb!
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Wow. This is really beautiful. You must put so much time and effort into all of your pages! It really pays off, though. It's artists like you who shape the future of comics, so keep up the good work, and keep inspiring the lowly upstarts (like myself) to aspire to greatness!
(Also, I'm definitely buying this the day it comes out. I may make the 30 min drive up to Peotone just to have the comic shop guys order a copy special for me.)
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That's really cool, nice design ha
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This has caressed my optic nerves in the best way imaginable.
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oh my! Amazing work
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! Incredible Art!!!
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Have you ever considered sending your portfolio to Wizard of the Coast (or other companies who make trading card games)?

This could totally be a Magic card of some sort. ;-)
Gunvar's avatar
Woa, the description gave me some thrill, and the work is awesome. Well done.
Kit7Kat's avatar
AMAZING! Everything about it is just perfect! :)
MIRAGE-5X5's avatar
:wave: wow this is great every bit of it.
looking forward to reading the comic =)
Dakknay-Sade's avatar
Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work (finally got round to setting up my account... only took me 2 years xD ) anyways your work is very inspiring for me, I hope you don't mind me asking but if you've time I wouldn't mind getting your opinion on some of me pieces ^.^- but if not I understand~

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I love how gray they sound. Both heroes and villains, or neither? Unbound to any kingdom... objective critics and higher, more correct observation and action, or tyrants and ruthless monarchs?

Can't wait for Ravine. When is it out again?
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great job like always
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This is an impressive piece.
fenrysk-art's avatar
i was kidding about the release date part XD
fenrysk-art's avatar
when's the release date again? hahaha as ever, we patiently yet eagerly await the arrival of your grandiose vision
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This is beautiful work, I spent a fair while looking though all the details, and examining the facinating mix of distinct faces and emotions - noble, alert, determined, and perhaps, hopeful or searching? Or possibly offering something? Either way, this is a lovely picture of an interesting group of people :)
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This looks amazing!!! I will buy it! *¬*
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Oh God, I can`t wait to see a movie based on it!
LanaXx's avatar
Love (L) , especially the hand at the top :D
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Amazing and epic piece here.
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