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ravine- river wyvern

god i have fallen in love with pterosaurs over time.

generally i don't really draw direct inspiration from things. by that i mean i don't just see something and think, ill use this as a base for something else. similarities as such tend to be mostly coincidental, which is the case wits a lot of designers

but pterosaurs are just glorious
their head shapes and crests are just crazy cool…

however there is gonna be a distinctive pterosaur vibe to standard wyverns in ravine, not counting the burnt ones...also known by their scientific name

weirdverns XD
as shown here

and yes, once ravine reaches, lets say six books , i will publish a comprehensive bestiary book :) always loved those
btw they call this little fella, the river wyvern or often, the angler
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Nice posture and prespective.
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do you paint these, or use a program?
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He paint these but uses custom brushes.
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This is so cute and awesomeeeeeeee!
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Your art is just amazing!
draggon-rider2's avatar
absolutely amazing :)
Wyverntales's avatar
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That is a really lovely creature you have there, can i have himBegging Emote , i promise i will feed him everydayHuggle! 
Enykmatik's avatar
esta hermosooo! *w*
I-am-His-artist's avatar
I'm digging those neon purples! Very pretty!
KaijuSensai's avatar
Ooh Pretty! Love the colors!
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Pterosaurs are evolutionary aesthetic masterpieces, I love that you have dragons with similar vibes :heart:
Can't stop favoriting! I love wyverns so much! <3
ScriptorSapiens's avatar
Very colorful, but not overwhelmingly so. I love it!
TheGodofPegana's avatar
How. HOW??
I have a hard time believing that human hands made this.
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So this is what they normally look like. It's actually kind of cute compared to the weirdvern.
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Man, I just can't get over the REALNESS of the thing, with the shape, skin, dimension, and- its just looks awesome. :P
ChroniclerEnigma's avatar
Awesome. Make more. O_O
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This picture is quite similar with two McFarlane dragons mixed together. McFarlane dragons serie 1 Eternal clan dragon [limited edition as well] ( I called him Mira) and McFarlane dragons serie 6 Ice clan dragon ( I called him Jagger). Mixed together. 

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so instead the obvious inspiration...which was a pterosaur you went and dug out 2 completely unrelated ones that i never even saw XD you know if you said it reminded you of a banshee from avatar or something that actually has the body type, i would say, sure, both were inspired by the latest studies of pterosaurs

these however...nah.

don't get me wrong, i appreciate that you might see it... but i don't XD
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Sorry if I was wrong, but tthat dragon remembered two of them I have, in figures. 
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Water awesome drawing!

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love the colour scheme, an excellent job on the river
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