ravine- mikhail wodan...he..um..is a little...nuts
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seriously... he thinks he can talk to dragons.. absurd

this is a panel from a page of book 2 of ravine :)
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Egadtheonly|Hobbyist General Artist
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He can talk to them....


That girl?

Yes...she is pleasing to the eyes...even if she is a fleshy.

I guess.

go mark her.


Pin her to the ground ..mount her...

Ok.....wait what?!


they talk...they understand...it may not make sense, but they talk. Perfect bromance..or dragonmance

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gizburg|Hobbyist General Artist
searching for random D&D-related art brought me to your page, and now I am definitely planning on picking up your books.  You, sir, rule.  :-)
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Very nice
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Mottenfest|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dem teeths! :heart:
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I'd be more concerned about the dragon because it is clearly just as nuts as he is for the same reason ... and its got napalm.
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Dragon needs a dental plan badly.
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CallMeHarley|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing! I was about to say your art looked similar to this Aphrodite IX comic I have, but then I looked at my comic and noticed you ARE the artist for it XD I love your art, that comic is one of the best I've seen! Kudos!
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I do no think he say what you think he say...
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Bracey100|Professional Digital Artist
Talk to dragons...preposterous! 
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ok I know that dental hygiene isn't very important for dragons but GOOD GOD that dragon needs to put on some bracers! O.O
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kotorikurama|Student Filmographer
Who ME, I didn't do anything lol XD
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Great job on this one.
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Silly Mikhail! Dragons ain't people! ... ... OR ARE THEY!?!?! ;)
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Is that wyvern telling him that she is a corredan,, and that he won't attack her? eh, eh......*lightly elbows you in ribs*
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shiniez|Professional Digital Artist
oy, quit  hacking my laptop!
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I don't know what your talking about *she said innocently* ;P
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does that mean he really can talk to dragons/wyverns?
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IsaiahParker|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yeah talking to dragon is insane....(like riding them is frigging normal :P)
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DragonJengaFist|Hobbyist General Artist
He should Join the Club then! XD
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DemonDragon-chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, I though he's pointing at me and said 'What.' aloud :XD:
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RealityGlitch|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The dragon whisperer... teaching you about the importance about energies and showing dominance as a packleader. Oh this IS an amusing thought mr brain.
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animon|Professional General Artist
...huh. I have to wonder what the dragon's thoughts are on this. :\ 

"No dude, I'm hungry! You just never listen, do you!?"
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