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ravine issue 2 wade battle

By nebezial
just a lil something from issue 2, itll be among last teasers from this issue as soon enough the real promotion will begin till then theres alot of other stuff to show

and no issue 1 is not out yes, official date is coming soon, i just want to have 2 issues done so i can keep the scheduling going :)

each issue will pack over 100 pages of painted fantasy comic goodness
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You seriously need to talk to Peter Jackson to turn this into an epic masterpiece of nerdgasm 
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Your armor detail is amazing!
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You know if I buckled down and bought the comic I might know this... and I am sorry in advance for asking. But.... Nebezial, why do they have wings coming out of their heads? I get the wing idea, wings make every warrior chick even more awesome. But... why.. their heads? Im not dissin it. I like it. I just want to know why.
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So I just read the other comments. Feel like a forum noob now. Alright Nebs, once I get money and my book is flying off shelves, Imma buy your comic, if only so I can learn why they have wings on there heads. Oh and cause I find that I freaking love everything you write.
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Why do they they have wings sprouting from their heads, granted, they don't looks as rediculious as this:[link].

Other then that it's a great piece.
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Wait, Lynn's got Eani in her as well??? At least I think that it's only the Eani that got the wings... I dunno, I need to read this great comic!
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i still havn't read ravine and know nothing about these characters.... but it must be a bitch to sleep with those damn ears
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whats with the wings attached to their heads? am I the only one thinking thats a little silly and useless?
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iiim pretty sure once you find out , you will change opinion to bloody brilliant!...buut thats a spoiler, but i will say..its not really wings
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Lisa and Ally high as fuck, growing wings out of their heads and shit. >__>
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Haha, I was thinking that these two looked real familiar. (x
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Feel like a goof for thinking this but I wonder if thier wings ever ned conditioner... I guess I have that luxery to think such as I am not to fight for my life like them apparently.
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Nothing says epic like wings on hair. :) Good job as always.
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The layouts are sharp.
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where couldI buy it? I've been keeping track of your amazing art for a while, and I cant wait to read this comic.
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Also, the hair on these girls have nothing on Nicholas Cage. :rofl:
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Yes please. With the issue. And the other issue. I don't care what the price is.
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I'm SO buying these series... and I've never bought anything online before. But, for this, I'm willing to make an exception.
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great teaser! you got me trying to figure out the context of everything--- like how lynn assumes the attributes of the star-peoples... but everything else i can put together from existing released material XD

can't wait to hear about the release date!
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