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ravine issue 2 the supremely vilanous chat of evil

By nebezial
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ooh yeah, and then he was all like, the world is mine,and she was like, nonono i beg to differ it is actually mine, and then they both went muahaha...true story
text is a placeholder, ron will make this read much better and troy will pimp out the lettering gloriously
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Your work never ceases to amaze me. You are an incredible artist. 
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really really awesome work !! this is the type of comic style i would love to paint in some day! very inspiring stuff!!
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After such intense artwork and wonderful touching story I read the description and lost it.
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Aaaaaand there Stjepan goes again, making us all pity the 'bad guy'... who is to say who the real villain is? Who is right and who is wrong? And how long until my brain explodes from the suspense of having to wait years to see how it all ends?
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Whew! You sir sure are good at this, making me sympathize with a guy like Nebezial Asheri. The best antagonists are the ones that have actual reasons behind their actions.
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wow, this comic looks...epic...the art...the looks really real in some panels and in others it still looks awesome. The story seems interesting to boot! :D
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nebezials nose is zbrush O_o?
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wow..thats awesum..
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That is just awesome!! :O
Love the texture of the skin and the emotions and.....just everything actually :p
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awesome sweet dwarf jesus
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I sort of feel bad for Freya... He doesn't even remember her face and now he's in love with the snake scales and horns woman... >_<
But I guess, 200 years will change a person.

I wonder why though if she's an Asheri, she doesn't have wings growing from her head... instead she got horns... (._.)?
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Sorry, I meant Eani, not Asheri. (smacks head - d'oh! Asheri's the name of the family)
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all will be revealed. lety just say that pretty much everything has it's own reasons
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Hello, amazing work, could you tell me how many time do you nide for making one of this pages?

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God you inspire me sooo much. Do you use 3d models in your piece?
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I can't believe this is not a photo!
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Heh, this reminds me of my relationship xD
Well, this is really well drawn and I see you're capable of more than one style, I'm envious..... watch+ much XD
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I fail to see the evilness of these two ^^°

I really hope there's gonna be an explanation of those EARS; if not here than maybe someday in the comic? Which is really great, by the way, though a little confusing betimes. But that's all right with me, that way I see those pictures more often :P

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i can tell you about the ears right now. its not a plotpoint or a secret and yes it does get explained in the comic itself. that is a mark of the old religion of aertes of the fate. they split the eartips at young age and heal it immediately. it is supposed to represent the antlers of aertes.

and as far as confusing. that is true fantasy for you, it takes a bit but you get to be eloquent in the language of the new world. and soon avery name is a part of your memory, and everythin once foreign is a familiar space :)... trust me after reading issue 2 , you will get that moment when you reread them both and you will find more depth in issue 1 than you could possibly find before :)
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