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ravine issue 2... a wonderful dawn for war

It should be more grim, he thought. Somehow it felt wrong. Many would die today. Nature should have some decency and make the day feel appropriate. This, this just felt wrong.

chronicles of wade liberation war
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Great perspective my friend, awesome.
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I loved this little story in the back of Volume 2. This picture just summed up the size of the army he faced.
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for the white city!
This thing needs to be a poster or full sized work of art.  It's just beautiful.  
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Epic Shot.

:D (Big Grin) 
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thank you for you're inspirational sharing,

may i join/post - share also

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Lovely landscape. Good focal points.
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this picture makes me think of skyrim and lord of the rings in one go, it looks both like windhelm and helms deep.
Oh, don't worry about that.  Once the fires in the town get going, along with the screams of the wounded, it'll be plenty depressing.   Meanwhile.... Don't you have something you need to be doing with that double knife thingy of yours?

So does the army follow after him?
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Sweet panoramic epicness this looks cool!
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Great composition. I love our art.
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beautiful scenery!
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this is amazingly beautiful
I can't stop looking
oh wow
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Beautiful artwork! Love it!
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is this right before stein destroyed ardunat, how old was he?
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Nature doesn't care for the dead.
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did you use photoshop? :D
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This is very similar to "The Name of The Wind" 's cover.
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which is very similar to a bajillion other fantasy scenes with one guy in the front and vast expanse+random goal in the background. welcome to illustration tropes 101 XD
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