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ravine-igrah the firebane

third eldest of the dregyan flock right after Tarah and Hada

he's not evil, he's just colored that way XD

ravine book 2 is about to go to print. ...finally. after a hard disk failure in which i lost quite a chunk of work, it is good to be  back on this stage of work.

once book 2 review is out i will be doing something quite crazy, but more on that when it happens :)

you can see th e different methods of my work in my videos here…
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Uhhmm, this is incredible.
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His eyes are sooooo tiny! How does he see, or fly safely without banging into stuff? But I LOVE how you've illuminated the scales just under the jaw and had embers flaring from nostrils.
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i think the tiny eye shows the 'wisdomity', or so that looked to me. anyway it maade the dragon actually look kinder
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Your whole page is wonderful.
champion-ofThe-light's avatar

Excellent dragon illustration! In my humble opinion: please remove letters, screws up your work.

browncoat4life's avatar
As always, love your dragons sir!
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Lava dragon? I think it can be...
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Such a cute dragon.... 9 v 9'
My white cat has the same eyes when he try to catch a thread! XD

Thanck to wrote the Linck. ^^ I think I will learn a lot of things from you... * U *
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Honestly, to me it looks like he has a perpetual smile on his face, kinda mischeivious.
kyriesin's avatar
I want to hug him. He looks so cuddly.
But, I want to hug all the dragons so... yeah...
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That's terrific!
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do you ever worry that you are spreading yourself too thin sometimes with all the projects you're working such that sometimes the deadlines just keep getting pushed back?
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That is one thing I'm always soo peeved about. Why is it that everyone thinks that all dragons are evil
Forsaken-Blue's avatar
Such a happy face! Seriously though, beautiful art :)
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Crazy?  No, not you?  Where will you find the time? lol 
sorry to hear about the hd.. cant wait for book 2

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I really love how you draw dragons :D
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A very powerful looking dragon!
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WOW!! You never cease to amaze me with your work!
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Fantastic job on this mighty beast. =)
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:iconjessicarabbitplz: i'm not bad, i'm just drawn this way!  XD
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