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ravine heretic and the sinner

By nebezial
even tho this is a very heavy and emotional moment in the comic itself i just cant resist with the comment someone is bound to make,

is nebezial gonna have to choke a b%/&%&

im sorry but had to be said

but on the serious side , this is a panel of a very emotionaly wrenching scene, .... but on its own.... it makes me chuckle xD

anyhow here a sideaffect of nebezials "accident" becomes more apparent, the dragonblood that caused his severe mutation is still very much active and if uncontrolled through medication.... he tends to lose his sh$%&

delphi is in a bitof a serious predicament here as the one she loves is not in control of his behaviour

but she will be saved by the most unlikely ally
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great artwork but wish it was full size image
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I so wanna read this panel in the comics, here's hoping that it'll be in issue 2!
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gah, wish it was bigger! would like to see some closeups :)
My mind is probably warped into something perverted, but am i really the only one who sees opening page for hentai? One more serious note, this is awesome.
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This is my favorite, and I have to see it bigger even if I have to buy the comic wherever it is.
wow this is crazy. I sort of read and predicted this picture before I read your explanation, It was the same explanation I'd already figured out, the part that she'd be saved, but by who or what.... ...???
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:O OH what a dificult moment :O I WNAT TO READ IT XD
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Hello- I've given this a feature over here [link]
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ok, someone look me into the eyes and tell me this is not sexual

anyway, that dud with the tentacles?, looks preaty hardcore... even if is, definitly, "that guy with the tentacles" =D
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Man that looks Fantastic!

This should be an Album cover!
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I've been a huge fan ever since I first picked up Witchblade 116 (my first issue I believe) and I have to say you're my favorite artist, comic or otherwise and have been a huge inspiration to me. Hell I've picked up a comic just because you've done the coverart. Enough arse-kissing though, I've been looking around and I can't find the release date for the first Ravine book. What's the ETA mate?
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this summer, book 1 is done , book 2 half done, all in all so far i have allmost 200 pages of work done XD
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Kewl mate!.. But Croatian or American Summer?
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this scene is so goddamn cool, it's inspired me beyond belief
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Damn, this book got everything, Dragons, Mages, Blood, guts, and Domestic Violence.
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For some reason He-Man is popping out before my eyes. xD

Very beautiful, dark and powerful picture! >:-3
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Your work was featured in The F Word #6!


This picture is so beautiful, I'm not even gonna make a tentacle rape joke.

I love how you put so much work into every tiny detail. You definitely have a future buyer in me.
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Wait, are the snake-things part of her? Because if they are...Shouldn't they fight to sve their host or something?
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it's beautiful!!
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i just love to use all your works as my wallpapers, thankss
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That's pretty awesome. Do you use 3D rendering at all?
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This is some pretty intensely awesome stuff for comic book art. Definitely going to have to check this one out!
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