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ravine cover a

one of 2 covers i plan on having issue 1 have, people can then choose what style of cover they prefer for themselves :)

news on publishing coming soon
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:heart: :worship: I Bought this one! :heart:
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I want to read it!!! can't wait!
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I want this comic soo bad!!!! Can't wait till it comes out!
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Amazing cover art!!
Really well done!!
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Love how you've shaded the wings.

I've seen other artists draw this as well but thought I'd ask you coz you're the latest person to do this (that and the fact I can send the question ^_^). What is the point/idea to having small wings coming out of the head??? I don't understand the point of them. Small wings from the back- that i can understand but from the HEAD :confused:. What is the thinking behind that?
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Still no answer? I am dying to know what those wings are anyone would justify that as an evolutionary anything?  I'm practical when I create a species...How did they get the way they are now what were they before what's left from their primitive days etc.  Wings on the head just doesn't make any sense to me...unless it's curse related or some such.
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so.... EPIC....

I am sooooooo olooking forward to this I can't WAAIIITTTTt :woohoo:
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OMG Love your arts :) OOOOOMG :)
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Awesome cover!
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Good news, both I and my wife are looking forward to this book!
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no, stjepan sejic nice to meet you.. myns think im tom cruise when they see me but its the lack of insanity that makes them realist the truth
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okay, this time OWNED!!! :XD:

this time you owned the guy!! XD
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great, cant wait and love your coloring style
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guy looks like tom cruise
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Outstanding! Can't wait for the book.
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Is this going to be out soon because I've looked out for it, I really am going to buy it if it is.
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