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ravine-corredan flame

aand a scene from issue 3 to test my fresh new armor XD
its a scene where the crew decides to spend the night in a cave... no matter the fact that, as stein says.. there is a dragon in a cave, there is a dragon in every damn cave....

but lynn does seem to have a knack for dragons... as she says it... i'm a dregyan.. dragons like dregyans

also thsi is not completely finished. that will come when the rest of the panels are in place
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It is heart breaking that this is left in the winds at the moment. But the level of detail you put in it makes it clear that it is a very time consuming project.
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Outstanding! Beautifullly composed!
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Cheers, here's to hoping it doesn't itch. 
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where can i read this comic?(im sure theres a digital version i can buy) and does it have the intro of the first comic?
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I'm absolutely in love with your art, it's breathtakingly good, this piece especially. Will this be an actual panel in the book?
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This girl reminds me of Carregan from Starcraft, only Carregan's relationship with the monsters around here wasn't as friendly as this :D
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how... how... HOW?! this is like something from a Movie! so realistic! awesome work!
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my youtube channel link is in my signature. enjoy. there are a few videos that are comprising one straight up tutorial on general photoshop techniques i use :)
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ok, i'll be sure to check it out. thanks!
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How extremly cute is this scene! And, like always, extremely amazing in the reachness of details. Amazing work.
just love the facial expressions ,on bint and dragons ,lovely skin details.
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I am so jealous of Lynn.......what's worse, my middle name is Lynn.......that's just no fair......(P.S. excellent job!)
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a timelapse video for this kind of work please :O
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looks so damn real !!!
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Holy wow. Those Dragons look real.
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nice details and textures:D
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Absolutely beautiful work!
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There's only one explanation. Your medium is reality itself, and you merely mold it to your will.
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insane relaistic dragons o my dog.
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One of my favourite images so far, I just can't stop looking at it. Teeeeach meeeeeee. ;_____;

I don't like pointing out mistakes, but shouldn't 'nebwzial' be spelt 'nebezial'? ;P
Haha anyways, I just love this, I am psyched for Ravine!
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This looks beautiful! What is Ravine though? Is it a series? a game?
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