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ravine book 2 scroll of epicness XD

cause i made one for book 1 .. cant break the tradition XD
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Absolutely stunning. You are an amazing artist.
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Awesome.... I'm seeing Sawyer from LOST in the third right picture. Also, is this made assisted by 3d software?
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i don't assist myself with 3d. i create stuff in 3d, and 2 d and any d XD

zbrush if you are curious about the specific program :)

and yes, i'm nebezial just lazy to relog XD
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DUDE AWEsome work so far, REally enjoy how you use the red lettering to guide the eye across the scroll of EPICness!!
this reminds me of game of thrones
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What is the book you made this for?  I have to get it
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Love it, can't wait to get my hands on Vol.2. :)
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Absolutely awesome :)
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This is telling a story. I love the characters. I love it. 
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Dude, this is crazy awesome!
Finally got around to reading the first volume of Ravine and really really liked it. I'm absolutely stoked for volume 2. But I have to ask, are you really going to produce ten more volumes over the course of almost a decade (current pace)? That seems... difficult to sustain.
Just love it !
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Hey nebezial,

first of all I have to say, I love your style.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a question.

In this picture there is some orange skript, I guess.

Is that an actual language with own characters or is it just random?

It really looks cool and I'd love to know.

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Reaper of Argonaut where?
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holy shit i would love to be a good as you one day
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Digital release of Ravine vol 2 was pushed back again? and it's to January 29, 2014? T_T 

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friggin  printer scheduling...

they  only release digital when print is available and with  the  delay  of print because i lost over 20 pages in hard disk failure
it probably ended up being too close to the holidays

and now all i can do is rage impotently...
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Ok so what the hell is this!? It looks amazing, but I'm completely lost!
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:eager:  Eeeee, I can't wait!
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As you named it... EPIC!
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Just bought Ravine 1... finally, lovin it!
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