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ravine book 2-october first :)

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finally, the book with the absolutely worst chai  of bad luck i ever had is being printed and soon delivered to comic stores XD and ron and i take a breath of relief XD

you can see more of ravine and lso read entire book one in this folder :)…
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SJPerryHobbyist General Artist
Very cool. I look forward to reading!
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supergirl3rdHobbyist Traditional Artist
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achatteryboxHobbyist Digital Artist
Ravine is incredible! after following you for two years, i finally worked up the money and courage to buy both books. i got them two days ago and finished the next. don't suppose there's any kind of eta on the next book? ive been looking for any kind of announcement but it looks like the last time you said anything about Ravine was in 2016 or early 2017
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Sadly, while the books were well recieved, afaik they didn't sell well. Kinda like what happend to Death Vigil.
So, as far as I understand, chances of seeing a third issue any time soon aren't good.

It is a shame. I realy like those two books.
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achatteryboxHobbyist Digital Artist

honestly. seems like he's only really focusing on sunstone now. which is great for him!! I'm glad he's got something he enjoys and supports him, but it's not really my cup of tea. though I did see something about death vigil coming back which is really great!! not sure when exactly (been following him on twitter and not much on here if you couldn't tell by the fact I'm 2 years late replying lol). so hopefully someday he'll be able to return to ravine as well. I won't hold my breath tho :/

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I know he doesn’t want to do it but Ravine and Death Vigil are something I’d actually crowdfund for.
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Where I have to sign?
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Oh man, got my copy in and read it immediately. Absolutely amazing artistry and story! Plenty of characters and story lines to keep this going for a long time, and I definitely enjoy the sarcastic humor littered throughout. I very much look forward to getting the next one.

By the way... what happens at the end of this one... O.O! That was seriously intense. "After that it got easier"...
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Please, please, more Ravine.
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uuh, I look forward to this one :) I'm already in love with the world you two built
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Raven-Coldheart General Artist
I fell in love with your artstyle and I read Switched, Death Vigil, Sunstone and Ravine and I have to say I like Ravine the most.
I think the combination of outstanding art, great story and high-fantasy just does it for me. :)
Hopefully you regain your creative spark for Ravine and grace us with another book.
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I would also love to know if book 3 is something that will happen. I loved Ravine and would be very sad to see it left unfinished.
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Is ravine dead? I own book one and two and would very much like to see book three.
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
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This series is honestly my favorite of yours. I'm sad that this isn't continually updated.
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I too would love to see more of ravine.
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cantas78Professional Digital Artist
great stuff like always...hopefull to this sometime in cinema
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Are you going to post the book itself on here too?
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SamoschristinaProfessional Digital Artist
i will buy all of the things. you are so inspiring to me. Thank you stjepan
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You have amazing talent! My name is Brandon and I'm a writter behind several fanfictions on that talk about the lore and current events surrounding my OC that this profile is named after, Dark Skull. I have several other FanFictions about other characters in the Dark Skull universe, and I was hoping you could take those fanfictions and draw them into a comic-book like format here on deviantart. My family has little money, so I'm afraid I can't offer any type of payment, I was just hoping you could help me. I'm not much of an artist, so, if you could please help, then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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kimgaugeHobbyist General Artist
amazing work, must've taken forever?! :clap:
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You're three days late, matey.
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It is time.
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please no, don't leave off on only two, I would die, getting the books for my 21st not month
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