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ravine- barnaby, the dangerous one

barnaby the most dangerous man in the world, the court jester of castle palladia. they say no one has seen him without his bells and lived to tell the tale...

whio they are  remains a mystery as no one ever heard anyone say that about  barnaby... so it is widely believed that his  title of the most dangerous man is an exaggeration to say the least.

although   bad jokes might be dangerous, barnaby regularly fails to scare anyone, and is generally treated as a joke...

well...except by antheus prayne. guardsmen seem to think that prayne holds barnaby in high regard...

probably because he just appreciates bad humor

also more of him here in some sketchez
ravine- barnaby sketches by nebezial

barnaby here comes into the story from book 3 onwards

foa all curious about the delay of book 2, this is the reason.
a few months ago my hard disk burned out.  unfortunately due to simple lazyness and a sense of false security i forgot to backup my files for quite a long time.

effectively losing over 30 finished pages and atleast 15 more half done.

book 2 is finished now and is being assembled for print, so i will be posting updates on that as it moves along.
i have had a few people reading it and were very happy with it so i hope that trend continues :)

by the way.. i dont care who or what he reminds you of...really XD by this point it has been thoroughly covered XD

he is a jester, a harlequin,
the real deal

harlequins were the basis for a joker card, they were the basis for kefka from final fantasy and for any other jesterlike character.

they were the original source of inspiration for all those characters and for this guy

for crying out loud there was a world before contemporary entertainment culture.
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"no one has seen him without his bells and lived to tell the tale"

That just means he's a virgin, right? =p
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I'm thinking that could be fixed with a blind fold or just keeping them on.
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... its like someone fused Loki and The Joker into one insane master of chaos... I love it.
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this guy reminds me of the Joker, but maybe it's because every Jester like person reminds me of him xD 
Well anyway, I love his hair. It's so fluffy and bootyfull Blonde Cow (Shocked) (Flying hair) 
I love your style it's everything and more x3
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Something about this screams Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon a Time) I was wondering if you like him as well? =) maybe even draw him?? *internal screaming*(╯><)╯
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So...among the many many MANY projects you are doing, will Ravine Vol. 3 be coming back? Love the story and the art, hopefully we get to see this guy!
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dude you nit to do a tuttorial owo youtube or from her please OwO
Can i get your email?
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Oh god... I think Im in love :heart:
Awesome stuff. Still patiently waiting for ravine volume 2! :P I'm very excited for this now, damn hard drive failures lol xD
I bet this mutherfuckers is as unknowingly as dangerous as Stein is.
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pretty cool !!
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Uh........I just check.......

book 2got push back again to March 2 now........ is something wrong??:o (Eek) 
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after that whole business with lost files, bad luck struck agan in a much worse way at the beginning of january. see even tho i am writing the book ron marz is handling the final  polish on  writing to  help me keep the book consistent and clear up colloquialisms that would feel out of place in that world.

unfortunately this january ron's mother died which ended up again pushing book a bit.

sometimes life is a bitch and bad luck is just that :(

but this year things will go back on track
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Oh!Man!  CURSE YOU! 

Sorry to hear that!  Waaaah!

I hope he is OK and wish him peace!:| (Blank Stare) 

Ron and you really make a such outstanding team!  :) (Smile) 
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The general boss-ness of this character makes me even more excited/desperate for more issues of Ravine! But I'm patient... so long as I get to ever read about him and the others, I will be happy, Stjepan! :heart:
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I like the Joker vibe
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He looks much older here than in his sketches, but I suppose the rendering changes a lot between the two.
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initially he was older, so this one shows him like that. only later did i really define him the way i need him to be .  when i get the time i will update this piece to  look more in  canon with the rest :)
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Ah, ok, that explains a lot. I thought it was rendering differences.
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Every time I see the thumbnail, I think Joker, then Gambit, then I click on it and see it's neither.
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