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ravine- barnaby sketches

totally forgot i had these XD, book 3 i really get to have some awesome fun, with barnaby , arthur and khedira at palladia...

here is the other pic of him
ravine- barnaby, the dangerous one by nebezial

but one thing at a time. first gotta get the book 2 finally out sigh
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love the bird guy
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Great sketches! I can see that you're short handed. ;) You know, artists say you need to make sure that the brush spacing is set to zero in order to achieve the best brush stroke and painting quality. While Nebezial says, 'Fuck that shit' and paints excellently. I bet you would be as great if you were told to paint using a wooden stick. Amazing job.
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Anyone who has read their Shakespeare knows that the Jesters are the sharp ones, and occasionally the dangerous ones. Something tells me this guy is both - an assassin, perhaps.
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Love the way you draw faces and emotions. :3
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I suppose his secrets remain his secrets but does that mean he likes men or that he's not into the sexytimes? XDD

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barnaby or arthur?
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oh he is into guys :)
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Aha! I thought so by implication but you never know. 

A lot of authors won't write characters who are into the hairier sex. :D
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i can appreciate that, it is when they write them as caricatures  that i have a problem.  i plan on barnaby to be a pinnacle of awesome :)
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I'm excited. It's nice to see more characters like that, and he looks like fun. 

I have to say I've always liked characters with dramatic face make-up and his personality compliments it nicely :D

I noticed a lot of the comments about him were really irrelevant and didn't ask about his character, so I asked a relevant question I'd wondered since this sketch was put up months ago.

I bought the 1st TPB of Ravine and I'm loving it so far! I have to reread it, it's extremely dense but the world is amazingly detailed and the characters so far have been interesting.

Can't wait for more to come. I'm going to buy Volume 2 when I get home. 
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Hey regrats from México!!!´s great!!!....(sorry but México will win the match in Brasil!!!!)
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I looooove those expressions; he seems like a very cool character XD
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Oh, look, it's the Joker!
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He looks so cool, I look forward to see this character again, good work :D
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I can't wait to see this character in action!

 Being a Jester must have been a scary job, I know that he was the only one who could mock the king with out being killed, because it was his job to keep the king "down to earth". BUT you know that there was at least one jester that took a joke too far with the wrong King and probably ended up dead. Being a jester would be like threading a needle, if you weren't funny enough, you got replace and lost your comfy job, and if you took a joke too far you ended up 6 feet under. 

  "Queen Elizabeth is said to have rebuked one of her fools for being insufficiently severe with her", and fools who didn't show enough restraint were whipped. another scary facet to being a fool was that jesters also where charged with delivering bad news that nobody else wanted to deliver, "when the French fleet was destroyed at the Battle of Sluys by the English. Phillippe VI's jester told him the English sailors "don't even have the guts to jump into the water like our brave French"" 

your "The more you know" moment XD

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Oh man. I forgot about Kefka.
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looks amusing, to say the least :)
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I like him with the red makeup design!
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