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ravine- Barahea's gift

an illustration from ravine issue 1 s bonus story that talks about the arrival of the old world, and the dragonmothers gift
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Oh my ... I am getting some Hobbit/Lord of The Rings vibes from this .. beautifully done !! :)
Your level of detail to the hides of the dragons and their different facial features has progressed during this project quite nicely.

Wonderful imagination to create this world and it's unique mythology and story.
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wow beautiful :) the wings remind me a bit of the scales on a butterflies/moths wing it looks fantastic
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Best to be humble in front a dragon of that size.
Where do you get the bonus edition?
GodDragonKing's avatar
The dragon actually looks more real than the people.
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thats cuz he usese zbrush for his dragons,,pretty sweet
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the shape of the head just captivates me for some reason really outstanding job
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Here comes the awkward moment of silence...
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That's one big dragon =o!
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Beautiful imagery and scope!
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Nice big subject with little subject image ;)
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it is humbling
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The detail is amazing! Great work!
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