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ravine 2- almost done

By nebezial
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just a few more pages, final checkup by ron and lettering and off to print !!!
damn this year hads been year...crazier XD
between doing ravine, sunstone,and twitchblade... got my work cut out for me XD

and yes.. soon i'll be sharing some of my brushes..jut gotta make a how to video to show how to use them most of them aren't really regular painting brushes but method brushes... meaning there is a trick to getting them to work just right XD
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HamiltoonsProfessional Artist
Which book?  Did you share the brushes :)
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dawnstorm14Hobbyist General Artist
Hah, so you are the author/artist of Sunstone. I thought I recognized your style. Fantastic piece. :)
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Izit-SamaHobbyist General Artist
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AbnormalPerceptionsHobbyist Traditional Artist
So is Ravine a comic you have made?  If so, then it looks amazing and I'll have to buy it :D
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I guess the sad part is knowing that it will take years until some publishing company decides to bring it to Brazil... so i'll just keep buying it on amazon... 
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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
Errr, reabsorbed. ;)… Tho I'm sure your letterer will catch it. At least I hope so. It's amazing how many editors nowadays don't know how to spell. :D
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Writer4CommissionsProfessional Writer
Yeah, but most people don't care as long as the story is good :)
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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
Most of the time I'd agree, but I read like an editor, so a badly mauled sentence will leave me wondering what the writer meant to say. :D
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its me or do they look like Ally and Lisa from Sunstone? :love:
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if it was them you would have known it by now
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You must be new here.
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Is it just me or does Lynn seem to have sprouted wings? Interesting. . .
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If you look through his art, he drew Lynn with wings long before Ravine 1 even came out. And they're not quite normal wings.
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WyverndemonHobbyist General Artist
Hrrrmmmmm they look a little familiar
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Yes. Yes they do! :O
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I can't wait!
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NdrNHobbyist Photographer
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EnvyMachineryStudent General Artist
That fire brush...
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ButzengearHobbyist Artist
Very nice.  :)
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Fortunato-SorsHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh lordy yes.... Can't wait for the brushes.
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
Dat art design
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Cool scene
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IsaiahParkerHobbyist Digital Artist
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