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poison ivy swamp thing2

By nebezial
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i've been working on a concept for a poison ivy story in continuity with harleen, kinda doing a new take on her origin. who knows, if harleen is sucessful enough... it's a pipe dream but so was harleen XD

gonna mature tag this one just in case XD
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A key flaw in Ivy's philosophy is that she still thinks like a human. Plants came to terms with the concept of 'acceptable losses' millions of years ago to perfect survival strategies, but she can't. Strange, when one considers the lingering starvation her vines must endure after lightning-fast growth into areas that can't possibly support their needs.

Has she ever attempted a scheme which would simply allow us to 'hear' plants like she does? It'd have significant impact, and attract a lot less hostility from everyone.

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I ship it...Until Harleen and Ivy became a thing... Hell Ivy and Swamp THing could still be a side thing. Yum!!

I think I had a similar idea where after Pamela has been turned to her alter ego, she spends time trying to survive on her own in the wilderness.

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Swamp Thing recognizes that for all of Ivy's claims of leaving behind humanity... she's still limited by her human pettiness and vindictiveness. 
So this'll be a DC Black Lebel thing? Looking forward to it.
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I always wish for fun dreams to come true - best of luck bud!

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I can't wait for more into this! The idea of Ivy having an obsession with humanity despite having a support from S.T. to just let them go, especially when he's super right.

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Made me choke up a bit - what a perfect pair.
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Great job! Makes perfect sense. Too bad we aren’t seeing this through Alec’s eyes, though. XD
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Just in case indeed! No need, but it pays to be cautious.

Holy moly that is giving me so much inspiration... you are such a good artist!

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Pretty much exactly how I envisioned their dynamic. Swamp Thing as the “wise man” trying to lead Ivy to a higher understanding, Ivy as the troubled student, too caught up in the distractions of the outside world to see the path to enlightenment. She was broken on arrival, but she could’ve been sublime. 

I feel like Ivy experienced the most growth since DC paired her with Harley Quinn. Harley is more than just one good character, she actually makes classic bat characters more interesting just by playing off of them. Batman, Joker, and especially Ivy, interacting with her has revealed new depths we’ve never seen in these heroes and villains who have been around for decades. 
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Oh, I'd love to see where this would go. 
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I actually like the idea of Swamp Thing saving Ivy from her piranha plant mania. 
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Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are characters I frequently wish would stop being written in as antagonists.
mainstream harley is mostly hero or anti hero anyway with whole suicide squad thing. poison ivy kinda depends on who writes her. i always love her interpritation as just ecoterrorist, who won't kill without reason.
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But they're so much more interesting as villains or antiheroes. And there's way more possibility for complex storytelling. Villains always have more fun, lol. 
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Villains as a whole aren't all that interesting. There are some exceptions, but most are people broken by circumstances and caught up in a spiraling self-destructive cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Their end result is ashes.  There are some occasional exceptions, but even in those cases, they tend to be people who make poor decisions that make things worse.
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From a psychological standpoint, you may be correct. But narratively speaking, everything you've said makes for exceptionally entertaining storytelling. That's my main point. 
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As someone who is often a fan of villains and their backstories, agreed. The argument about destructive spiraling and unhealthy coping mechanisms could be just as easily as applied to most heroes, anyway.

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Maybe to some, but that is not universal.
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I though he was grooth 
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huh. i ship superwonder, i ship batharley, this might be my next DCSHIP.
You're entitled to your opinion of course but I must respectfully disagree. Swamp Thing X Abby Holland nee Arcane for life!

 I'm cool with Swamp Thing as a mentor/father figure to Ivy though.
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