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one of 2 covers for issue 1 of  death vigil coming out in 2014. more here
tonight on deadly pawn stars XD by nebezial
it is gonna be XD by nebezial
soon by nebezial
don't fear the reaper XD by nebezial
death vigil- oh yeah.. it's happenning :) by nebezial
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I bought the comic and loved it soooooo much ! Thankfs for the great story and amazing characters ! Bernie and Sam are my favorite
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that monster-guy is creepy
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Just bought the first 3 issues of this series, and have to say, I'm lovin it!  Sam is hilarious, and can't wait to see him fight some more.  The whole summoning Vikings thing is awesome!  Keep up the great work. 
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Where can I buy this? :D
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Just bought the first issue at the comicbook store. I have to say that I really really like it.
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This is the cover I got!  Now if I can find issue 2!
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Clara is NOT amused it seems. 
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I bought mine today, and it REEKS OF AWESOMENESS!!!
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EWWW !!! what's that smell???

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Got mine delivered today and I was absolutely thrilled. It is hilarious. Thanks for your great work. Can't wait to get the next one. =^.^=
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Bought mine and it was all that I hoped for.

Awesome job!
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Issue #1 turned out great! Bought an extra copy to give to a friend. Had to share!
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Although we read it as you posted it there's something about having that comic in my hands that makes it that much more delicious.  And the color in the printed work are just as good as your digital posts.  Can't wait for #2
Just got and read the issue, it was awesome excellent artwork, story, and characters! I added it to my subscription list! I know I'm gonna buy the Trade once it comes out as well
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Release date yet?
I love your art and I love Death Vigil. :)
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I'm new so I'm not sure how the story goes,but they look like a family in this one,with a thrilling life
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to tell you the truth, the only kind of tutorial I would love to see on your page is how you shade your noses. It baffles me. They always look so great!
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
She looks amazin
CrownClowns's avatar
will the original death be in this?
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I was wondering if it would be alright for my wife and I to cosplay Sam and Bernie. I really do enjoy these characters and would love to have a go at making them. 

Thanks! x3
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you have my full support :)
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Thank you!! I'll have a link to your DA on the comments for people to see the awesomeness of your work. ^_^!
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