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mr robert gray, ol bob gray or pennywise the dancing clown .... what can i say listen to it audiobook a few too many times and u draw transforming clowns
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Don't forget he was also really "The Spider". He may also have been a character inspired by an apocryphal crime wave of a century ago.

As the story goes, there was an itinerant clown in America called 'Odd Bob'. Only after any trail had gone dead cold did law enforcement note he was a good suspect for a chain of murders happening along his travel route. I think this may have been near New England, too.

But for all I know, this tale was dreamed up after 'It' hit shelves.

Awesome, this probably the closest portrayal to how Pennywise was described in the novel. Great work.

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Yo, this is hands down the best Pennywise I've seen. Like, it looks genuinely friendly and inviting on the left, and downright terrifying on the right. Bravo!

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Using the left side as the portrait for my changeling killer clown character in DnD. The picture is amazing!

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I really love this piece, its so beautifully made. Just out of curiosity will you make a pennywise of the new it movie? :D

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Left side: Too benevolent.

Right side: DANG SCARY!
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fucking bith clown!! XD
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We all float down here...
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This is a wonderful interpretation.
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This is perfect because in the book he is described as looking like Ronald McDonald and bozo the clown
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This is scariee than the movie version because he looks so friendly at first. Like just a regular clown.
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as much as I like the previous movies, your portray really does nail the friendly look. Pennywise on the left looks like a clown who probably would know as a neighbor. He looks like a person. He looks like a professional performer. thats what makes him scary
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   You know, this perfectly sums up what Pennywise looks like in the novel: a demon who poses as an innocent looking clown to lure children to it.
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My thoughts exactly.
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I really like how Pennywise from the first frame looks like a good old man just trying to make people laugh for a living, such innocence. Until you see his true form on the second frame. Such savagery. Awesome. I really loved this rendition. :D
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The transformation from the first picture to the second is phenomenal!Shocked 
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This is a great rendition of Pennywise! Looks like he could fit into a graphic novel, perhaps something along the line of 30 Days of Night.
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I honestly like this more. If they had gone with a much friendlier looking Pennywise, then his disturbing actions would be all the more surprising. 

he looks like such a nice guy. X'D
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Amazing art. I am not into clowns at all.... no matter how sweet they look. I don´t trust them.  A clown assaulted a family here, so ... no.... Oh God I am going to have a nightmare now! 
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deceptively lovelyPennywise-avatar 
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This would make the coolest ceramic Greek muses wall hanger ever!
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Welp. Goodnight. (Locks self in illuminated closet with a flashlight and doomsday gear.)
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I was thinking more of the show "It" .  But I can see that one too. Great detail by the way. :)
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