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pacific ranger hi rez- enjoy! i did XD

aaah the young me is somewhere in the back of my mind happy! XD

anyhoo, here it is, , in high rez, if you wanna print it, post it share it whatever it... i dont care. did this for my pleasure and for my fellow nerds out there!
for a more detailed explanation of why im giving high rez like this
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They should have made the Megazord look like this in the movie, would have been received a lot better than what it was.
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Thank you for sharing your vision. Your craft is awesome.
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This is so perfect as a design for the Megazord in a modern big-screen interpretation. It doesn't have the extraneous tacked-on bits that the Transformers movie designs have, it's nicely colour balanced, and is a design with a very recognisable and well thought out silhouette.
Goddamnit, why couldn't they have gotten YOU to design the new Zord for the PR movie?? This is so much better than the god-awful design they've actually gone for.
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I wish you were in charge of designing the Zords for the new Power Rangers movie, the glimpses we've seen of the new mechs have not been very encouraging. Your designs however, look GLORIOUS :D
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the figure of the new megazord for the power rangers2017 movie was just revealed, check out andre the black nerd as he did the unboxing. THAT NEW MEGAZORD WE'LL BE SEEING IN THE NEW MOVIE SUCKSS ASS IN MY OPINION, SO MEDIOCRE, YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT.
make more please, it's so great
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Hopefully Megazord and Dragonzord look like that in Power Rangers 2017!
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sadly the megazord looks worse, that people are starting to compare with pacific rim.
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Alright, now we need this level redesign of the Mega Dragonzord! Maybe it can fight Voltron? Make this happen!
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The Breachers never stood a chance, they fight kaiju sized monsters on a weekly to daily basis.
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Okay this is awesome!
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Hoooowwww did I miss this?! Holy hell, dude! These are amazing!!
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It's so Great, please tell me that you are working in the concept arts of the new movie pleaaaseeee
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Have the megazord in the reboot be like this.
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Hello there, nebezial. I have a question for you. I'm doing a Pacific Rim/Godzilla styled crossover story and would like to use you're version of the Dragonzord as the basis for one of my characters, or the design of it at least. though it wouldn't be exactly the same in appearance, it would be extremely close to what I have in mind for my OC character for the story.

I will most definitely credit you and recommended you and you're work to ALL who read the fanfic.
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You are the fucking boss!!!!!
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Well. There goes my face. Awesomed it right off.
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