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old red sonja cover

By nebezial
another of the olden stuffz, i loved making these back in the day :)
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Jeova0sanctus0unus's avatar
I... have never ever heard of this Character before. Who is she? why is there so much art of her?
I mean she looks good, im not a fan of Chainmail Bikinis (even though technicall thats not chainmal thats scale armor), usually, but atleast shes a redhead, so thats nice.
Still, i like the image, it feels dynamic.
Svartulf's avatar
Sonja is always sexy! Great art
TensaiSaiyan's avatar
Is that a giant gorilla?
justmeeeeeeee's avatar
i thought it was a yeti
theComicKid's avatar
I love how the sword is reflecting the color of her hair.
ragingspacebull's avatar
"What manner of creature are you? Nevermind, you'll be dead soon enough!"
varialome's avatar
AWESOME art love the detail, the movement and everything else
but how can a woman dress so sexy and fight like that ?
i personally think it's ridiculous but it's probably just me
keep up the good work !
Lisakooo's avatar
yeah, very nice
a beautiful redhead with a sword. What is NOT sexy about this. Also I love her long thick red hair.
Creative-Instinct's avatar
Wow! The detail in the creatures fur is epic! Nice!
blisblop's avatar
Love Red Sonja
judderman6's avatar
The texture and detail of the fur is brilliant.
Wolfzero-kun's avatar
chimpi-habad's avatar
red sonja it's so pretty and dangerous *O* LOVE HER
Akasyukio's avatar
"The way she ride that thang,ride that thang,the way she ride that thang make it hard to concentrate" ... love that song O.O
Nevrawd's avatar
bring back the old ...
Richardsoncreations's avatar
simply AMAZING!! :D print available?
thepolishgirl's avatar
Kewl! Red Sonia is the bomb :)
ForTheLoveofSatire's avatar
I love the ferocity in her eyes.
Aero-zeppelin654's avatar
absolutly brilliant!
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