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morning warmup

By nebezial
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Amazon Princess about to demonstrate that she's every bit as strong and tough and smart as she looks. You nailed her.

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Damn!! This is what I envisioned my favourite heroine to look like. You are so talented!!

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Now THIS is what Wonder Woman should look like!
I love it. ;)
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'sup with the vid.
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Nice biceps ! ^^
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She's so awesome!
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This is fantastic. Technical execution on point, plus she looks so natural, like you've just captured a moment in her life. Also, the title begs the question: is this YOUR morning warm-up, or HERS? (I know it's supposed to be yours, but the idea of this as how WW starts her day is just fantastic.)
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I could spend hours on a drawing like that and it'd look a lot more polished but still not even half as good. No matter what I do, I can't do cool lighting. It always ends up looking fake. 
This is a fantastic drawing - like much of your art, frankly.

Would you be willing to grant permission for me to use a small, cropped version of this as a cover for a story on I'm finishing up a crossover between Wonder Woman and Harry Potter, and this drawing was partially an inspiration for how I thought of and wrote the character of Diana.

I would of course give credit, and while it's not possible to link directly to your art, I would include as much of the URL as is possible to help readers come to see the full version.

Whatever your answer, thanks for creating such great art and making it available!
Good point, kind of dumb of me not to include a link to my profile. Sorry about that...…

The story hasn't been published yet - I'm still fighting with the the last chapter. A draft version of the first chapter appears in the "Fluffle" story, as well as draft first chapters of other possible stories I might do.
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perfect build for her
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now thats beautiful 
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Love how you made her look buff like an Amazon warrior should.  Gal Gadot is too skinny.
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First wonderwoman I really adore on deviantart :) people just draw her like a pretty model but your one looks like a (of course nevertheless gorgeous) fighter! Love this picture to death :))
This is an amazing image. Quite aside from making her buff, which is far better than waifish and thin, this image has a lot of energy and tension to it. The impression of her fighting is conveyed by so many different little things, and the message "you're going down!" is just screaming from every part of her.
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This is great!
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thank you for making her buff and strong af
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I remember when your art was a nice little secret in comics and I still can' get enough of your stuff. Love it to death. Glad you are posting videos. 
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