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maleficent..yeah cuz i heard of the movie

one of if not the best villain for me, so i just found out a movie is being made...with angelina jolie. personally im not a jolie fan, but she can act so imma give ti a benefit of a doubt, but somehow maleficent just works perfectly with thinner malicious lips XD

aanyways so it hit me like a ton of bricks, for all the love i got for the character , i never tried to draw her so i went with a fun quick reinterpretation.

this took about 45 minutes, thats the advantage of digital inking, you get to make some cool brushes too
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This is so beautiful!
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This is an image from my childhood, the ultimate evil. The one villain who said 'Hell'.... Thank you!
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If only the movie was half as cool as this drawing.
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Maleficent has been one of my favorite vilians ever since I was a little girl, and your interpretation of her is perfect! 
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Magnificent Maleficent  you did!! ... I droll as usual......°ç°
So I saw this piece maybe a year ago and it completely inspired me.  I designed a Maleficent cosplay loosely based on this.  Mostly i was inspired by the shape and texture of the horns and the armor (which I hope to attempt to make someday...) but in my cosplay I still wanted to keep elements of the cartoon version.  I hope you don't mind that I used your work for inspiration for my own work!!  I love directing people to your page because your work is fantastic.  This image is still the background on my personal computer because it is just so freaking awesome and inspiring.  Here's a link to one of the pictures of my cosplay.  If you get a chance to check it out, I'd be honored!…  
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Nice! It's our dragon of the day on
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The dragon does not look like that of the film, but I like your Maleficient.
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I don't think it was the artist's intention to be accurate to the movie itself, it's most likely they're own adaptation and style of the character design.

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cool............i love this..:3
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melificent is a great movie if u havent checked it out yet
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Hey, someone posted this on their account without permission:…
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This piece is stunning! Beautiful.
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Your art is amazing. The movie "Maleficent" 2014 is an atrocity.
How? I thought it was nice to see why Aurora was cursed. Sleeping Beauty offered no other explanation than simply because Maleficent can do it.
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Maleficent in dictionary: That has a bad temper; what is bad; evil.
Causing harm to someone; which tends to be harmful; maleficent
(Etm Latin:. Mallevolus /
Then Stefan was equally bad if not worse since cutting off Maleficents wings is compared to rape.
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This is a stupid Disney invention. It was best to keep as intrinsically evil Maleficent. The mystery was lost and everything has become stupid. But I respect your opinion. If you liked the movie, good for you.
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