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lady death promo

just spreading the word on this one. a fun piece i did for brian pulido's newest lady death kickstarter campaign.

more about it here…
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After seeing your work on the muto franchise i gotta ask if it isnt a pain in the ass, do you think youll ever illustrate a scene of a massive battle for grayskull between the horde, skeletor and his crew and the masters of the universe (including she ra and the rebels etc)?

Wow, that's a spectacular take on Lady Death. Are the three demon women meant to look like Purgatori?

Rosstarot's avatar

For a moment I thought he finally did a Kickstarter for a new Death Vigil series =_=

TheDeaf's avatar

dude, did you ever heard of Warhammer? I think your artstyle would fit the setting really well

shiniez's avatar
coincidentally, my first professional work was on wathammer trading card game   almost 2 decades ago XD
TheDeaf's avatar

well, that explains why it fits so well hahaha

Speaking of Death Vigil, I can't find the new stuff from November. Also, that cover looks incredible!

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That is just amazing! I'm just squeeing over the details 
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Well I guess this is another Kickstarter to back.  Guess I'll have to find a place and frame to hang that 18x24
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Whoa!!! Those vertebrae on the demoness' tail are so cool!
shikkaba's avatar

The tail on the left demon is a little wonky. Is that on purpose?

shiniez's avatar
nah, just me being an imperfect artist :)
shikkaba's avatar

That's fine. <3

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On the one hand I gave Lady Death a chance several times and each time while the art and the protagonist character design itself felt inspired, the stories disappointed.

On the other hand I adore your work and want to support what you do.

Oh well, clicking the link. If it has no page samples or a pitch for a plot then I'm only out a few minutes.

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That is awesome! Do you/have you read Lady Death?
martixy's avatar
Wow, I love the detail at the base of their tails. It looks like they have an actual spine, and like, other proper anatomy.
DragonlordRynn's avatar
The left demoness has some strong Meryl vibes.
GhostBear3067's avatar
Despite knowing full well what character this is I cannot help but see Bernadette getting ready for some fun private time with Sam. Incidentally whatever happened to the new Death Vigil volume he said were in the works? Did I miss any news about it?
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Oh the detail on those demons, beautiful.
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I saw this in one of the promos for Malevolent Decimation Kickstarter and I want it on my wall so badly. I hope I can get it at some point, if not the Kickstarter than maybe later.

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I get the greatest item envy for every article of clothing and weapons you create.

Fantastic art! I'll have to check this out, I don't think I'd heard of them before!

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Bernadette, is that you?  Lol   Looks like a cool comic!  Are you an artist for it nebezial?  I didn't see your name in the artists.
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