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justice league variant cover

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Amazing! Impressive work. Best team poster I’ve seen in a while.

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Love martian manhunter!

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Between you and Jim Lee, I don't know who top geek out over more... Despite his Marvel, DC, Image, fame... I'm going with you because Jim never once took the time out of his busy day to say a single word to me. Not saying he's an asshole (he's certainly not mean) but you're more sociable and you understand the one truth that all artists should's about the fans as much as anything else. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my posts the few times you were able and thanks for responding to others as often as you do. Go ahead and Conquer DC for yourself and your fans!

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Arthur's armor must have taken an ETERNITY, dear god.

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Thank you for including Martian Manhunter. He's an under-rated hero that I wish had a lot more exposure
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I absolutely love this!
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what a jerk.
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a lot of trolls on DA
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You have to have some major confidence to be commenting "not bad" and advertising your work on a clearly more skilled artist's page when all of your work is just bad photoshop jobs done over Sakimi-chan paintings. Not even crediting her in half of the descriptions or tags.
Maybe draw something yourself instead of badly editing "sexy" clothes over someone else's work. 
"This a variant I did of my friend's Persona5 drawing."
Ah yeah, I'm sure Sakimi-chan is your friend. Sure, Jan. 
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omfg I found you here?? Yes please drag him in the dirt.

It seems all his artwork has been taken down finally, but this pizza dude is really scammy. Photoshoping Sakimi's drawings and selling them as prints(??) via Patreon and other sites. As soon as someone is calling him out, he blocks them. I only commented "did you really draw this?" on one of this posts and got instantly blocked.

I think he finally fucked himself when he literally went to the drawings he photshoped on Sakami's DA and told her "wow cool look at this version of your painting I did!" a bunch of times. It's almost hilarious.
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Oh what? I didn't know they were selling them as prints, wtf? 
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Yea he had a Patreon on which he sold every badly Photoshoped piece he did. I'm not sure if it was as prints but he tried to sell them somehow, and it all seemed very fishy. I think he tried selling them via some other site too (like redbubble) but all those links are gone so I'm not really sure and sadly have no proof anymore.

Tbh I don't think he ever actually sold anything. People weren't going to buy his pieces of "art", but he really tried his best anyway to earn some money from them.
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Looks great. Superman's lips feel off, but all the while it makes me think that with every DC Reboot they should change up little details like that so we can actually tell one generations iteration of a classic from the next.

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But the avengers are superior
Do them instead
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Fantastic work! :)
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Sorry I just...I grew up watching Justice League the animated sercies and John Stewart was my Green Lantern introduction.  I remember getting flustered when people mentioned some dude named Hal Jordan and I was like "Who?!".  

Also John Stewart and Shayera ship!

Fantastic work!!!
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