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see that title? aw yeah! creativity at its finest

anyhoo this was a test of my new workstation setup. my lenovo laptop died on me so i had to due to urgency settle with a computer+tablet setup. it is a cintiq, dont get me wrong i am nto complaining, but there is a sense of weirdness to working on it after like 9 years of exclusively  working on lenovo tablet pcs

for one the  stylus is much thicker and  just feels weird to draw with but it is not that big of a difference.. except for callibration...still gotta tweak that out
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What a lovely Autumn Ivy! Weather may be a little crisp but it's still warm enough for her to go barefoot, which I like (to me that's a part of her personality). And HALLOWEEN was not so long ago, and here Ivy appears all dressed up: but as herself, a very lovely lady, to me so much a beautiful Princess, like Mother Nature herself!!
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Nice! Love Clap Clap Clap
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I really love this take on Poison Ivy. I'd love to cosplay it. Is there any chance of getting a better idea of how her outfit works?
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True. And the most interesting thing, could be, that she actually has a point ! 
To be honest. I do not think we humans are so speciale. And I do not think our civilisation will last so long. It is like Any empire in the World. The bigger it gets, the faster it will end. It took us 200.000 years to go from a small tripe to one billion. It took under 200 years to go from 1 billion to 7.5 billion. And here we are... The most so called intelligent spicies on earth. And what do WE do? Destroing the only World we will ever have.

Mother nature does not NEED mankind. We NEED her. And it would be a great idea, IF Ivy Could be showed as an Avatar for mother Nature, Like Jesus is a kind og Avatar for god in the Bible. Or Ram was in Hinduisme. :) 

PS: You really like Their relationship. And I am very within the many Girl-Girl and Boy-Boy relationships.

But I do not think Ivy is only lesbian because she repeatedly also shows interest in men and not human beings.

So I would think that Ivy is bisexual, more than just gay. :)

PS: Loves your art and full of respect for gay relationships. Just think Ivy is more bisexual than just gay :)
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Very nice shoot. Costume design is grown well^^
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WOW!! She is gorgeous!! I love this look for her, still seductive, but also sort of practical looking and very elegant 
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Old school elegant.  "Ivy", is enough.
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I love this version of Ivy, and plan to attempt a cosplay of it at D*Con this year.
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she's stunning
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I fell in love with this beautiful leaf dress.
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This is really lovely!
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Hi Nebezial! I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this design as a base for a costume. I'd be sure to link back to the original art!
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Autumn Ivy.  Oftentimes, we don't see Ivy in anything with long sleeves or covering more of her except her torso.  That's in the modern incarnations at least.  I like this quite a bit.
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great take on Ivy
Love the fall seasonal pallette, always a beautiful sight when leaves start to change.  :)
Thanks for sharing, your work is amazing as always.
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she is just beautiful! I love Poison Ivy from the movie. XD
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cool one. I love it.
Absolutely beautiful!
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This is on par with Ivy's Arkhamverse design (one of my favorites by far), if not even better. DC Comics needs to hire you. NOW.
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*¬* Perfect! Congratz!
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