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i regret nothing!

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this was one dumb artstream tho... XD
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Tom king and batcat fans deserve to die
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That slut deserve to die catwoman is a whore and I hope some burn and kill that fucking bitch
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That slut deserve to die
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According to multiple sources, a slut is a person, traditionally a woman, who is perceived to have too many sexual partners. While Catwoman is a seductive character, I'm pretty sure she doesn't really look to copulate with every guy she's flirted with.

sebtheiceman's avatar
She is one the batcat fanboys defend that Mary Sue catwoman slut useless with fan armor
PabsterTheLobster's avatar

I can barely understand you because your grammer is so bad, but looking at your profile, I can see you're a Wonderbat shipper, and a rather toxic one at that. After all, you go out of your way to bash any other Batman ship that exists under the sun rather than accept that said ships exist and move on. Why do you do this?

sebtheiceman's avatar
Batcat fandom is garbage that I hope they die dc and that fucking idiots make that slut a fucking princess that everyone need to like she is a plague she is everywhere the robins in rebirth dont like her and she is the only slut that can beat toe speeders and talia al ghul I hope that slut die like all batcat fans and the whore of Helena Wayne I am not wonderbat hate batcat doesn’t mean I am a wonderbat batcat people deserve to die
PabsterTheLobster's avatar

First off, your GRAMMER is TERRIBLE. Second, you really didn't have to respond three times. Third, you ARE a Wonderbat shipper because according to your profile, you follow two different Batman x Wonder Woman fangroups.

sebtheiceman's avatar
I hope batcat fans die are garbage I am not a wonderbat pussy only because I hate that cat slut doesn’t mean I a wonderbat I understand why brutalia hate that couple batcat people are shit and toxic
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Batcat fabs are worst toxic and no say nothing I am not wonderbat
sebtheiceman's avatar
Catwoman is the most disgusting whore snake and shit cockbiter
sebtheiceman's avatar
Catwoman deserve to die
sebtheiceman's avatar
Catwoman is a slut I hope she die
sebtheiceman's avatar
Batcat is shit I hope that slut of cat woman die
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In an alternate picture, he has his arm around Mark Hamill! 😋

Nothing to regret =)

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A absolutely terrible pun. That is just shameless of you. I salute you sir.
Metal-Rocker's avatar

Ooooooohhh ...... I didn't see that at first. "GOT IT' ;P

It IS ironic Gotham is LITERALLY spelled got ham

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Too good. ♥️

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OMG I never realized that Gotham was a play on the words Got Ham XDXDXD i did get the Got Milk part though

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Trash of couple batcat is shit I hope that the catwhore die

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BADAM BUMP TIZT! A fellow punster.;) Well played. Very corny

and very well drawn.

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