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i never stood a chance! true story XD


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ii'm just sayin... you get into comics.. you get a lil fetishy XD

also... 4 of them are black something XD

also, if you take this in any way seriously... wow... XD
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This artist must never EVER find dogbertcarrol on Twisting the Hellmouth.

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Great work on the art! Clever writing.

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How did you remember all of these and *not* include Emma Frost? She's built around being a dominatrix.
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And strangely, all of them are white women...
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And why is that a bad thing? I'm black and the fact that they're all white doesn't alienate me in the slightest.

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Not that strange when you realize that A. Most were written in the early 40's and 50's, an era dominated by white men drawing comics, and B. most if not all were mostly written by men
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Is that racist or sexist?

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I’m not entirely sure, perhaps built from a structure that was? And we’ve seen a greater variety of heroes coming from recent years such as the new ms marvel and iron heart 
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Who's the one between Selena and Blakc Cat?…

From comments below, and a little google, it seems that is Jean Grey in the persona of "The Black Queen".

I really found "samedemeo"'s comment funny given that from right to left is: Black Cat, The Black Queen, Cat Woman, Black Canary, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman.
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No problem here haha
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Huh. I never realized how dominatrix-y DC and Marvel were. This is definitely eye opening
Four of them are named black something and two are named something woman.  There is absolutely no crossover with this as people would find a character named Black Woman to be insensitive, especially if she were caucasian.  :)
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IMHO ... Jean wins.... She can make you do literally anything, plus that is easily the most quintessential dominatrix outfit you can even get.
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I'm not complaining.  2976-20150716-054354-2 by LordGojira
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Nice humour! Keep up the good stuff!
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LOL!!! exellent
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Is that Lisa between Selina and Black Cat?  Did Ally put her up to it? :D
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She's known as Jean Grey, The Black Queen!
Fact, the Creator of Wonder Woman was into Bondage.
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:rose:Specifically lesbian bondage. Read the first Wonder Woman comic, he's not trying to be subtle.:rose:
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