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i hear you like yer ballpoint pens bub!

i do i really do XD
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Looks like a combinations of a few people. Cant quite figure it out . :)
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Your marvel section of gallery is really marvellous!
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Seeing this now... Hoo James "Logan" Howlett... Oh Wait... It's Ra's Al Ghul!!! :iconepicstareplz:
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Dayuuuummm. Haha this is awesome. 
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A good drawn Wolvey...yahhh
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Thank you.  I love ballpoint pens for inking with a frigging passion.  Nearly ALL of my art work is inked in BP and shaded with it.  At a recent convention, I heard such derision for BP vs Brush for inking and it made me wonder why more artists didn't jump onto this beautiful medium which is unmatched with the right pen.

Much like brush, you need the right tool.

Also, LOGAN!!!!  *fan girl squeal*
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Love Logan! Awesome job :) I'm a huge fan of your artwork, especially when I bought the first volume of Broken Trinity!
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I love ballpoint pens too, but I just can't do something that looks that good...
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That is an awesome Wolverine!
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Looks pretty cool, good job sir!
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thank god the background is done with marker
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HO-LY SHIT dem Ballpoint rendering...
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This, is amazing!
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Bic pens are the shiznits! Great to see this kind of work from you. Thanks for sharing.
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Sick pen work!
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I'm in love with this facial expression :3
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