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i gave the...girl a tigers

they do love their tigers.....
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I'd rather see the leash on the girl then the tiger. 
By crom, the wench shall satisfy me...
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Conan! What is best in life?
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Of course, the way into a girl's heart: Tigers.
Tigers love girls. That is reality. Anyway, good drawing you got there. Very amazing portrayal of the girl loving the tiger. - Missed Fortune
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Beautiful work! Awesome title too ;) I love it
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Classic Barbarian artwork!
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read this in christopher walken's voice
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Bitches love tigers
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Marvelous Work!!!
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Hahaha so awesome! I love the smug look on his face!
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So this is what Calvin, Suzie, and Hobbes are up to these days. I was right!
For a minute I thought he was sitting in a wheelchair. xD
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yeah, girls love tigers! :love: :D
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It just isn't home without a LoLCat.
...especially a 500 Lb LoLCat.
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your style and technique are awesome
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Bitches DOOO love tigers ;)
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I love the Conan character!
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A stunning work !!
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