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how death got an ipod XD

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one of the pages of issue 1 of death vigil, more here…

lettering is temporary so ignore likely typos XD
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Is this from some sort of book/comic? If so PLEASE tell me where, this looks amazing o.o

Also, what is the relationship of these two? Mother and Son? Friends?
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Ha, I just got the joke!
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july,  it is available for preorder already :)
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Really?! Is it only shipped in America or is it shipped internationally? (What I mean is...Is it going to able to get to Australia or not?) :XD: Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm a bit sick.
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there are comic shops in australia that  carry  us comics , so that is one option, and there are going to be several digital options as well that circumvent the whole shipping hassle, best one will i think be directly through image comcis , but there are other digital options such as comixology and drivethrucomics
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:D AWESOME! Thanks, mate!
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The more I look at it the more I want to cosplay Bernie... and the more I think I would regularly wear the caplet... I live in Seattle, a little hooded cape thing would be really handy.
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Death needed an ipod. All things are sweeter with little music things. I want Death's playlist!
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Marlene's outfit is INCREDIBLE! You have got quite sexy/interacting character design going- and just as interesting dialogue between characters. It is a nice "Friends" flow. 
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 I will buy this when it comes out. I've loved your work since my highschool days! Your an inspiratiom good sir :)
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Only because Chuck Norris allowed it.... jk
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So even Death gets an IPod. This world is so not fair!! DX
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So is this page 10?
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i was wondering the same thing lol
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Looks really Awesome as usual.
I really enjoyed picking up your run on Aphrodite and Skullkickers.
Love the new more simplistic render style you picked up lately.:)
Your a big inspiration on my work, hopefully in due time I'll join the ranks of an artist like you, and break out from the indie comic business. 
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that is so cute. and an interesting concept lol.
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This is cute and awesome in so many ways.
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I now wanna see death doing the iPod silhouette dancy thing with her scythe in tow :D 
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