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heavy metal music intensifies XD

this november the work begins on death vigil volume 2
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... volume 2 ??:la:

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By the power of... SLEEEEEVES!

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Please, and thank you kind sir! I'm so hyped, this is the only reason I keep coming to DeviantArt.

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I live in hope for more of this.

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I guess that thing isn't happening anymore? Probably for the better, I kinda considered the first game pretty sexist towards men and in general feminist garbage most of the times with male characters getting nothing to do other then being half naked or acting stupid so that the women can do all the action stuff and save the "stupid" men / ordering them around

It's a comic, not a game.

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VERY COOL! I cannot wait, I pre-ordered and loved the whole first volume and I am so pleased to hear there will be more!

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He's on my list of future cosplays
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I love this so much aaah :D

Man this picture reminds me how much I loved that Comic ... does Death Virgil Volume 2 means ... it's continuing?

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I can't help but think "If Thor and He-Man somehow had a kid..." Awesome work.

"By the power of VALHALLA!!!!" :)

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Hearing the Immigrant Song blaring in my head the second I saw this...can't wait for a Death Vigil sequel, one of the best graphic novels I've ever read!
This makes me incredibly happy 
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For some reason, it looks like he's about to say: Juggernaut Punch! right about now.

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That is so metal.
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Gravedigger-Viking Powers activated. \m/ Pure metal, right there.

Вау! Круто!;P

Wow! Cool!;P

i think sam took a level in viking badass!  (10x better than normal badass)

And thank god it's about time.  i've been hoping for this since the volume one cliffhanger.
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