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he man teaser style

just seamed like a fun pic to do... just like the other 2 its also a quickpaint.. gettin htat nostalgia out
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Cool drawing! Can I use it in a fanfic?

I swear there is nothing you can't make seriously cool! Brilliant design. YOU have the power. 

I mean Seriously! this is one of the most Manly art i've ever seen!
Perfect. This is He-man.
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I'm not into He-man at all and I probably wouldn't watch the original show but I've just seen this in a youtube video with an instrumental version of the He-man theme and I absolutely love it. If the show looked like! It looks awesome, the lighting is perfect and I especially love how Battlecat(?) looks.
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This is absolutely amazing! So much nostalgia! :') It would totally make my day if you ever made a similar one with She-Ra on her horse to use as a desktop wall like this one! Keep it up!
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This is so epic/dramatic. Awesome!
So... Awesome... Manly tears of happiness are starting to flow Waaaah! 
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I love this one, you are amazing.
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yup, if they ever do a live-action movie remake, I think the poster would be a silhouette like this. this is a professional-grade composition :) (Smile) 
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But who will be Prince Adam and He-Man?
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I'm sure Hollywood will ruin the casting choices for this. They always do.
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It's great to discover who the artist is for this picture. It's been in the wallpaper rotation for quite some time. A blast from my childhood. Thank you!
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You know, I actually at first though this was a teaser painting for concept art from a movie... it is just that professionally rendered. Like all of your MOTU art, it is a nicely done take on something truly iconic! :)
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Awesome, iconic pose.  Great job.
Can you get a big print of this? Absolutely love it :-)
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+fav for awesomeness + nostalgia value ;P
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